The 1866 Koehnken & Co. Organ at the Isaac M. Wise Temple

The 1866 Koehnken & Co. Organ at the Isaac M. Wise Temple
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Having served from 1866 to 1993 in the Plum Street Temple in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Koehnken & Co. Organ was restored in 2005 by The Noack Organ Co. and now continues to flourish in the flagship temple of American Reform Judaism. An extensive article written by Fritz Noack about the organ, the temple, and the dynamic Rabbi Wise who was responsible for their building, appears in The Tracker, 50:2.

Thom Miles, Organist/Director of Music at Wise Temple and also Organist of Lakeside Presbyterian Church, Lakeside, Kentucky performs a range of works both contemporary to the organ when it was built and representing 20th-century composers.

MENDELSSOHN: Sonata in B flat SCHUMANN: from Six Studies, Op. 56, Nos. 1, 5; from Four Sketches, Op. 58, Nos. 3, 4 BERLINSKI: From The Three Festivals: I Sukkoth, III Shabuoth BOLCOM: From Four Preludes on Jewish Melodies: I Hinei Mah Tov, III Halíluhu BENNETT: Trumpet Voluntary BUCK: Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner