1835 Morettini Organ

1835 Morettini Organ
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The 1835 Morettini Organ in the charming Italian hilltop castle village of Panicale (population 510) is located in the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo and was built in Morettini’s workshop in Perugia, 22 miles east. The organ was restored in 2000 by Eugenio Becchetti, who plays wonderfully in this recording. Works are drawn from 18th- and 19th-century composers, most of whom are anonymous. The style is largely based on opera and the percussion devices in the organ are well used in a few of these works.

ANON: 5 works, 18th & 19th century
SALVATORE CARUSO: Six Sonatas for Pianoforte or Organ
VINCENZO PALAFUTI: Elevazione; Postcommunio
ROMAGNOLI: Concerto per l’organo moderno in 3 movements