Aaron David Miller Plays the Pasi Organ in Lynnwood, Washington

Aaron David Miller Plays the Pasi Organ in Lynnwood, Washington
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At Trinity Lutheran Church, the fine organ built in 1995 and spared by the recent Earthquake was greatly admired during the 2000 OHS National Convention. It features 34 ranks on two manuals and pedal and was built by Martin Pasi of Roy, Washington. Aaron David Miller received the first prize at the AGO National Improvisation Competition in 1996. Reviews Arthur Lawrence in The American Organist, December 2003: "The Bach Vom Himmel hoch variations have no peer on CD; they are imbued with infectious rhythm and ingratiating style, literally dancing for joy. . . They exhibit liveliness, delicacy (in No. 2), and tenderness (in No. 4). The performance makes one forget how difficult this music is. The same could be said for the Passacaglia. . . The Sweelinck variations are lively and well articulated; beginning with restrained but colorful registrations, they build to a fitting climax. The Mendelssohn Sonata, set forth in an entirely different stylistic mode, is appropriately heroic at the opening and closing of the first movement, with an initially quiet but then exciting buildup for the central chorale-derived section. . . Mr. Miller reveals equal talent in his improvisations, which tend to be tonal, colorful, and rhythmically inspired. . . The Pasi organ is an equal partner in this enterprise . . ."

Aaron David Miller (b. 1972): Improvisation on a Free Theme

Johann Sebastian Bach: Vom Himmel Hoch, da komm ich her, BWV 769a
Var. I Canone all' ottava
Var. II Canone alla quinta
Var. III Canto fermo in canone
Var. IV Canone alla settima
Var. V Canon per augmentationem

A. D. Miller: Improvisation on Regent's Square

J. S. Bach: Passacaglia in c minor, BWV 582

A. D. Miller: Improvisation on Ascended Triumph
Jan Pietersen Sweelinck (1562-1621): Mein junges Leben hat ein End'

A. D. Miller: Improvisation on a Swedish Folk Song

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847): Sonata III in A major

A. D. Miller: Sinfonia on a theme of Vaughn Williams