Abbey Spectacular! St. Ouen Shines!

Abbey Spectacular! St. Ouen Shines!
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Gerard Brooks plays Organ Favorites at St. Ouen, Rouen

The treasured Cavaillé-Coll organ of St. Ouen was inaugurated in 1890 by Widor, who called it “a Michelangelo of an organ.” Today the organ stands unaltered and is ideally suited to the selections on this CD, each of them a well-known example of French romanticism.

BOËLLMANN: Suite Gothique, Op. 25
DUBOIS: Toccata
LEMMENS: Fanfare
BONNET: Ëtude de Concert
Carillon de Longpont, Toccata, Carillon de Westminster
MULET: Tu es Petra, Carillon Sortie
GIGOUT: Toccata
WIDOR: Finale from Symphonie No. 2
GUILMANT: Final from Symphonie No. 1