Alain at St. Ouen

Alain at St. Ouen
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Now so enthusiastically sought as to approach “cult” status, this wonderful but very hard-to-find recording of Jehan Alain (1919-1940) works composed 1930-1939 is played by Christophe Mantoux on the most beautiful Cavaillé-Coll at St. Ouen in Rouen, France. Mantoux won the 1984 Chartres competition, became the titulaire organist at Chartres Cathedral, and now holds the post at St-Severin in Paris and is Professor of Organ at the Strasbourg Conservatory. This, his only CD to date, has received several awards for interpretation and for the stupendous quality of the recorded sound of the beloved organ.
Trois Danses: Joies Deuils Luttes
Petite Piece
Choral Phrygien
Deuxieme Fantaisie
Choral Dorien