All Glory, Laud and Honor

All Glory, Laud and Honor
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All Glory, Laud and Honor
Compiled by Michael Shea, this collection of organ expressions for Palm Sunday through Eastertide is useful for any church musician during that busy season. Intermediate level of difficulty.

Contents (Title - HYMNTUNE - Composer)

Palm Sunday
Hosanna, Loud Hosanna - ELLACOMBE - Edward Broughton
All Glory, Laud and Honor - ST. THEODULPH - David Paxton
Ride On, O King, Ride On - Gilbert M. Martin

Holy Week
There is a Green Hill Far Away - Gounod/Smith
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded - PASSION CHORALE - Brian Glyncannon
O Come and Mourn - ST. CROSS - John Duro
What Wondrous Love is This - WONDROUS LOVE - Sarah Douglas
Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain - NAAR MIT ÖIE - Lani Smith
Olivet - James Southbridge

O Sons and Daughters - O FILII ET FILIAE - Lani Smith
Easter Prelude on Victory - VICTORY - Dennis Eliot
On Easter Morning Early - Sarah Douglas
Christ, the Lord, is Risen Today - EASTER HYMN - Robert W. Thygerson

A Crown for Me - MAITLAND - James Southbridge
My Redeemer - MY REDEEMER - Franklin Ritter