The Art of Organ Building: Volume 1

The Art of Organ Building: Volume 1
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For over half a century, one work has stood out as the standard treatise in the field of pipe organ construction: Audsley’s “The Art of Organ-Building” (published in 1905). This two-volume set has been reproduced with care and fidelity from the original edition. All 400 splendid illustrations are preserved, including the rare line drawings and photographs of 19th-century (and older) organs and the magnificent diagrams of construction details prepared by the author, an architect by profession. Not a word of the first edition has been omitted, giving you all of Audsley’s famous 1,300-page text- unquestionably the greatest repository of material on organ building and history ever compiled in the English language.

Volume I opens with an 85-page outline of the history of the organ and then treats various descriptive matters, such as the external design and decoration of the organ, the internal arrangement and mechanical systems of the organ, acoustical matters in regard to organ pipes (theories of sound-production in organ pipes), tonal structure and appointment, the compound stops of the organ, etc. Audsley, in this volume, gives an extensive description of all the organ’s components, and sets out the differences in structure among church, concert-room, and chamber instruments.

Despite some changes in the field since 1905, this book remains definitive, especially in mechanical aspects of the subject. It contains a wealth of invaluable knowledge that cannot be found in any other source; the illustrations alone have made this work one of the most sought-after in the musical literature.

600 pages, softbound