The Praises of the Trinity

The Praises of the Trinity
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Arthur Wills directed music at Ely Cathedral from 1958 to 1990 and was a professor at the Royal Academy of Music. This CD collects Wills’ sacred compositions for choirs accompanied by organ and/or other instruments. Most are sung by the Ely choir, Paul Trepte, director, Séan Farrel, organ. Wills plays Elegy on the 1908/1975 Harrison & Harrison 5-90.

Fourth Service and Verse Service (Mag. & Nunc.)
Their sound is gone out
The Light Invisible
The Praises of the Trinity
By the waters of Babylon
I hunger and I thirst
O praise God in his holiness
Missa Sanctæ Etheldredæ
Office hymn for Christmas Day
Let all men everywhere rejoice
Elegy (solo organ)