Baroque Music for Manuals, Vol. 5

Baroque Music for Manuals, Vol. 5
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Petronio Francheschini: Allegro (from a sonata)
John Bull (attr.): Rondo
Jacques Aubert: Trumpet Tune and Air
Jacques Chambonieres: Air
Jeremiah Clarke: Trumpet March
George Frideric Handel:
Bourée and Finale (from Firework Music)

John Travers: Trumpet Voluntary
Antonio Vivaldi: Allegretto (from a sonata)
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Aria from the Suite in D
Sinfonia (from God's Time Is Best)

Maurice Greene: Trumpet Tune
Georg Philip Telemann: Ayre (from the Heroic Music)
Antonio Vivaldi: Adagio
Charles Wesley: Pastorale
William Selby: Voluntary or Fugue
Giuseppe Torelli: Trumpet Tune (from a concerto)