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The Organ Historical Society publishes books, a quarterly journal, an annual study of organs by locale, and also produces sound recordings on CD. Click here to see all available titles from the OHS Press!
OHS Organ Handbooks
Published annually by OHS in conjuction with its national conventions, the Organ Handbook surveys historic organs in various geographical locations. Included are stoplists, photographs, recital programs, and historical information for up to three dozen organs per issue. Select from 28 editions.
Books from the OHS Vault
This page contains:
  • Orgel-Probe by Andreas Werkmeister
  • Flentrop Orgelbouw 75 years
  • The Largest Organ in the World
  • Two Essays on Organ Design
  • The Organ Reformer Hans Henny Jahnn
  • and The Organ Movement
Organ Committee Materials
These books and videotapes are for those who must make decisions regarding organ selection, repair, rebuilding, and fund raising, especially for worship spaces and institutions. Informational and motivational, these items equip a committee with solid help in making a good decision. Also, several items are helpful in the design of new or remodelling of existing worship space.
Oldest? Largest? Unique?
Browse our collection of books about and recordings made on the world's largest, oldest, and unique organs.
Organ Technique & Tools
This page contains:
  • First Organ Book
  • The Art of Transcribing for the Organ
  • Jeanne Demessieux’s Six Études and the Piano Technique
  • Organ Technique
  • The Organist’s Manual
  • The New Elson’s Pocket Music Dictionary
  • Playing the Organ Works of Cesar Franck
  • Toward an Authentic Interpretation of the Organ Works of César Franck
  • Organ Dictionary
  • Organ Literature: A Comprehensive Survey
  • Choir Accompaniment
  • A Guide to the Pipe Organ
  • Hymntune Index and Related Hymn Materials
  • The Language of the Classical French Organ
  • Bibliography of Organ Music
  • The Book of American Negro Spirituals
  • Understanding the Organ
  • On the Sensations of Tone
  • and Critical Notes on the Organ Works of Jehan Alain
The Organ in History
This page contains:
  • The King of Instruments
  • Reed Organ Atlas
  • The Organ as a Mirror of Its Time
  • Organ Literature of the Seventeenth Century: A Study of Styles
  • The Organ and Its Music in German-Jewish Culture
  • French Organ Music from the Revolution to Franck and Widor
  • The Organ and Its Position in Musical Arts
  • Influence of the Organ in History
  • Story of the Electric Organ
  • French Organ Music in the Reign of Louis XIV
  • and Contributions to the History and Aesthetic of the Organ, Book I
Organs by Location
This page contains:
  • The Organ of Notre-Dame in Paris
  • The Organ in Western Culture
  • The Organ in Richmond
  • The Organ in Reading Town Hall
  • Organs of Edinburgh
  • Pipe Organs of Chicago
  • Pipe Organs of Chicago Volume II
  • The Historic Spreckels Organ: And Illustrated History
  • The Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ: A Pictorial Essay
  • Organs in Mexico
  • The Newberry Memorial Organ at Yale University
  • The Historic Fort Wayne Embassy Theatre
  • Organs in Altenburg Land
  • The Organs of Oxford
  • Making Joyful Noises
  • Organ Loft Whisperings: Paris 1893-1894
  • The Compenius Organ
  • and Orgelführer
Essay Collections
This page contains:
  • Cambridge Companion to the Organ
  • ”Pleasing for Our Use”-David Tanneberg and the Organs of the Moravians
  • Contributions to the History and Aesthetic of the Organ, Book I
  • Wond’rous Machine: A Literary Anthology Celebrating the Organ
  • A Book of Essays for Heinrich Fleischer: Perspectives on Organ Playing and Musical Interpretation
  • International Symposium “Organ of Classical Antiquity: The Acquinum Organ A.D. 228”
  • Orphei Organi Antiqui: Essays in Honor of Harold Vogel
  • French Organ Music from the Revolution to Franck and Widor
  • Music and Its Questions Essays in Honor of Peter Williams
  • Essays in Honor of Barbara Owen: Litterae Organi
  • Limericks for Organists
  • Bach's Feet: The Organ Pedals in European Culture
  • and A Tribute to Andre Marchal
Organ Tuning & Temperament
This page contains:
  • Catechism of the Organ
  • Voicing and Tuning
  • Cornelius H. Edskes, Doctor Honoris Causa
  • The Sound of Pipe Organs
  • and Modern Organ Tuning
Books About Cavaillé-Coll
This page contains:
  • Cavaillé-Coll and the Musicians by Fenner Douglass, Volume 2 ONLY
  • Stoplists of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll
  • Cavaillé-Coll's Monumental Organ Project for Saint Peter's, Rome
  • Orgues de tous modeles
  • and Murray: French Masters of the Organ
Books about Composers
This page contains:
  • A Directory of Composers for Organ
  • The Registration of J. S. Bach’s Organ Works
  • Bach and the Pedal Clavichord
  • Bach Tempo Guide
  • The New Bach Reader
  • The Organ Music of Johannes Brahms
  • French Masters of the Organ
  • Mendelssohn: A Life in Music
  • Widor: A Life Beyond the Toccata
  • Louis Vierne: Organist of Notre Dame
  • Maurice Durufle: The Man and his Music
  • John Stainer: A Life in Music
  • Dietrich Buxtehude: Organist in Lubeck
  • Max Reger and Historicist Modernisms
  • Max Reger and Karl Straube: Perspectives on an Organ Performing Tradition by Christopher Anderson
  • A Tribute to Andre Marchal
  • Richard Purvis, Organist of Grace
  • Michel Corrette & the Organ
  • The Reception of Bach's Organ Works from Mendelssohn to Brahms
  • Mendelssohn and the Organ
  • The Organs of J. S. Bach
  • J.S. Bach at His Royal Instrument
  • and Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986: The Last Impressionist
Biographies & Autobiographies
This page contains:
  • Richard Purvis, Organist of Grace
  • A Guest at Cambridge
  • The Silver Fox: The Life and Legacy of Russell Saunders
  • Wanted: One Crate of Lions
  • The Journey Was Chosen: The Life and Work of Paul Manz
  • A Blind Musician Looks Back
  • Eberhard Friedrich Walcker 1794-1872
  • Mr. Searles and the Organ
  • Flentrop in America
  • Calvin Hampton: A Musician without Borders
  • A Life in Music: Conversations with Sir David Wilcocks and Friends
  • Samuel Sebastian Wesley: A Life
  • Dudley Buck
  • Tales of Organists
  • Alexander Schreiner- The California Years
  • Gerhard Brunzema: His Work and His Influence
  • Organ-Isms
  • Pierre Cochereau, Organist of Notre-Dame
  • and Albert Schweitzer As I Knew Him
Barbara Owen
This page contains:
  • Essays in Honor of Barbara Owen: Litterae Organi
  • Music on the Green by Barbara Owen
  • The Organ Music of Johannes Brahms by Barbara Owen
  • Barbara Owen: The Organ in New England
  • Owen: The Registration of Baroque Organ Music
  • and Barbara Owen: The Great Organ at Methuen
  • Rollin Smith
    This page contains:
    • Louis Vierne: Organist of Notre Dame
    • Rollin Smith: Playing the Organ Works of Cesar Franck
    • Stokowski and the Organ
    • In the Organ Lofts of Paris
    • and The OHS Book of Organ Poems
    Wanamaker Organ Books
    This page contains:
    • Music in the Marketplace: The Wanamaker Organ
    • A Friendly Guide-book to the Wanamaker Store
    • Guide to the Wanamaker Grand Organ
    • and Booklet: Los Angeles Art Organ Company
    Books by James Lewis
    This Page Contains:
    • James Lewis: The Welte Organ in America An Installation List
    • James Lewis: Forgotten Organ Builders of Old California 1855-1900
    • James Lewis: The King of Instruments in the Crown City 1888-2000
    • The Los Angeles Art Organ Company
    • and Organs in the Land of Sunshine
    Church Music & Church Organs
    This page contains:
    • Magnum Opus
    • Church Music in America: A survey from 1600 to the present day
    • The Music of the Moravian Church in America
    • Organ Restoration Reconsidered
    • Church Organs, Their Position & Construction
    • Discovering Cathedrals
    • Discovering Churches and Churchyards
    • Discovering Church Architecture
    • Church Organs-A Guide to Selection and Purchase
    • Acoustics in the Worship Space
    • The Organs of Oxford
    • and Discovering Abbeys and Priories
    The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging
    This page contains:
    • The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume 1
    • The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume 2
    • The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume 3
    Books About Organbuilding
    This page contains:
    • Organ Building Volume 9
    • Organ Building Volume 10
    • Organ Building Volume 11
    • Reform in Organ Building
    • A Guide to North American Organ Builders
    • That Ingenious Business: Pennsylvania Dutch Organs
    • Twenty-one Years of Organ Building
    • The Making of the Victorian Organ
    • Organs in the Land of Sunshine
    • Organbuilding Along the Erie and Chenago Canals
    • The Organ Industry Takeover
    • Dom Bedos: The Organ Builder
    • Fanfare for an Organ Builder
    • The Early English Organ Builders and Their Works
    • Jürgen Ahrend, Organbuilder
    • The Workshop Book of the Organbuilder Christian Vater
    • Toward the Conservation and Restoration of Historic Organs: the Liverpool Conference
    • Manufacturing the Muse: Estey Organs & Consumer Culture in Victorian America
    • The Organ: Its History and Construction
    • Splendid Service, Restoration of Tannenberg's Organ at Salem, North Carolina
    • Murray M. Harris and Organ Building in Los Angeles, 1894-1913
    • Artifacts in Use
    • Dedicating an Organ
    • The Meyerson Symphony Center: Building a Dream
    • Everett Truette: The Organ
    • Organs in the City of Celle
    • Tracing the Organ Master’s Secrets
    • Eberhard Friedrich Walcker 1794-1872
    • The Roman Organ of Aquincum (Built 228 A. D.)
    • The Freeman-Edmonds Directory of British Organ Builders
    • A Forest of Pipes
    • Flentrop in America
    • Schoenstein & Co. Organs
    • Austin Organs
    • The Organ
    • Organs! Organs!
    • The Organ Handbook
    • Reed Organ Atlas
    • The Aging of Organ Leather
    • Organ Stops and Their Artistic Registration
    • The Wonderful World of the Organ
    • Handling Old-Fashioned Organs
    • An Exploration of the Organ Stops
    • Modern Organ Stops
    • Understanding the Organ
    • Mensura fistularum Die Mensurierung der Orgelpfeifen im Mittelalter, Vol.1
    • Mensura fistularum Die Mensurierung der Orgelpfeifen im Mittelalter, Vol.2
    • The Sound of Pipe Organs
    • and Restoring and Collecting Antique Reed Organs
    University of Gothenburg
    This page contains:
    • Organ Technique
    • The Nordic Baltic Organ Book
    • On Dynamic Behavior of Wind Systems for Pipe Organs
    • Influence of Alloy Casting Technique, etc. in Pipe Organs
    • GoArt Research Reports, Vol. 3
    • Tracing the Organ Master’s Secrets
    • GoArt Research Reports, Vol. 2
    • Documentation of the Old Organ (1604) in Morlanda Church, Sweden
    • Cornelius H. Edskes, Doctor Honoris Causa
    • GoArt Research Reports, Vol. 1
    • Documentation of the Organ in the Hökhuvud Church, Sweden
    • Rich in Nuances: A Performance Oriented Study on Otto Olsson’s Organ Music
    • Olof Hedlund, orgelbyggare
    • Matthias Weckmann for Organ, Complete
    • With Rare Diligence and Accuracy by Hans Jacob Høyem Tronshaug
    • The Organ in Recorded Sound
    • and Matthias Weckmann: The Interpretation of His Organ Music by Hans Davidsson, Vol. 1
    George Guest
    This page contains:
    • A Guest at Cambridge
    • and The Psalms of David: Chant Settings
    Richard Purvis, Organist of Grace by James Welch
    NEW!This new publication by James Welch, chronicles the life and career of organist and composer Richard Purvis. Part one of this biography covers everything from Purvis' life as a child, to his WWII years, to his years at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Part two focuses on Purvis' musicianship, covering his life as a composer, recitalist, theatre organist and teacher.
    This book contains several black and white photographs. Softbound, 498 pages.
    The Historic Spreckels Organ: An Illustrated History
    The story of a uniquely beloved outdoor organ still the source of civic pride and great entertainment after 95 years: still drawing audiences of thousands!
    Opie's Great Adventure: The Little Pipe Organ that Wouldn't Give Up
    Looking Up At Organs and Ceilings - Jenny Setchell
    The Psalms of David: Chant Settings by Dr. George Guest
    Tunes in this elegantly bound Psalter were collected by Dr. George Guest during his 40 year tenure as Organist and Choirmaster of St. John's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. They are arranged according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, and are pointed for chanting.
    Joseph Jongen and His Organ Music: A Performer’s Guide