Cathedral Encores

Cathedral Encores
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Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross houses the largest extant example of the artistry of the Boston firm of E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings. When completed in 1875, Opus 801 was the largest yet built in America. The 5,292 pipe organ boasts 39 ranks of mixtures, cornets on every division, and 13 ranks of reed pipes, including three reed stops which were manufactured in Paris, by Henri Zimmerman.

Widor - Allegro (Symphonie VI) (Nina Bergeron, organist)
Couperin - Offertoire (Convent Mass) (Lois Regestein, organist)
Joulain - Final "Ave Maris Stella" (Rodger Vine, organist)
Mendelssohn - Prelude and Fugue in d minor (Margaret Angelini, organist)
Karg-Elert - Pax Vobiscum (Brian Jones, organist)
Dupré - Fileuse (The Spinner) (Leo Abbott, organist)
Saint-Saëns - Prelude and Fugue in C (Rosalind Mohnsen, organist)
Gade - Tone Poem (Mark Dwyer, organist)
Richard Clark - Unity (Richard Clark, organist Kara Gretschel Clark, clarinet)
Peter Krasinski - Improvisation (Peter Krasinski, organist)