Christian Brembeck at Omersheim

Christian Brembeck at Omersheim
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There were many different reasons for the decision to record a tonal document on this instrument. When in 2007, on the occasion of a fortepiano recital in the Ommersheim church, Christian Brembeck noticed the beautiful organ front and subsequently tried out the organ, he was visibly enthralled by the organ’s charm and tonal declaration. Thus, it came about that the artist played his first organ concert there a year later, revealing to the many astonished listeners the beauty of their organ. Christian Brembeck recalled, "I was intuitively reminded of many an encounter with Alsatian Silbermann instruments, most of which I experienced as ‘shadows of themselves,’ that is to say, unrestored. Nevertheless, these impressions were always influential and unforgettable. Thus, it was a pleasure, ‘un plaisir,’ for me to put together a rich and colorful program to display the tonal possibilities of the Ommersheim organ."