Cochereau: A Musical Testament

Cochereau: A Musical Testament
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This 2-CD set documents 25 improvisations on the Gospel according to St. Matthew as realized by Cochereau at Notre-Dame in Paris on five consecutive Sundays ending March 4, 1984, the day before Cochereau’s death. Writes Frédéric Blanc, himself a renowned improviser, ". . . admirers of Cochereau will doubtless be surprised by the style of these Biblical commentaries . . . no breathless symphonic finales here, no scherzos at hair-raising speed . . . He clearly put the best of himself into these improvisations, for this is pure music of exceptional density: Cochereau seems particularly inspired, and how could one fail to be overwhelmed by the dramatic power and near-mystical profundity of his musical discourse?’’