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Festmusik: Volume 1
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Festmusik: Volume 2
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Festmusik Volume 3
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Advent/Christmas Organ Plus Anthology: Settings for Organ and Instrument Volume 2
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Daniel Moult: An Easy Bach Organ Album, Original Works and Arrangements
A book of Bach's works and arrangements by Daniel Moult.

Published by Baerenreiter, 2013

Organ solo

Difficulty level: Easy

Softbound, 44 Pages
Sonntagsorgel: Volume 1
Enjoy the Organ: Volume 1
Enjoy the Organ: Volume 2
Hymn Prelude Library: Volume 8 (NO)
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Hymn Prelude Library: Volume 7 (M)
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Hymn Prelude Library: Volume Six (JKL)
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Hymn Prelude Library: Volume Five (HI)
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Hymn Prelude Library: Volume 4 Tunes FG
Hymn Prelude Library: Volume 3 (DE)
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Hymn Prelude Library Volume 2
Hymn Prelude Library: Volume 1 Tunes A
Organ Plus One: Death and Eternity Funeral Service
Rawsthorne: 200 Last Verses
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Anthology of 18th-century English Organ Music, Vol. 1

This four-volume anthology contains a sparkling selection of pieces and represents all the major composers of the period. It includes pieces in all the main genres, with Cornet and Trumpet Voluntaries, Echo Voluntaries, fugal works with slow introductions, and Full Voluntaries; as such, the collection offers a wide range of attractive music suitable for both church and recital use
Anthology of 18th-century English Organ Music, Vol. 2

This four-volume anthology contains a sparkling selection of pieces and represents all the major composers of the period. It includes pieces in all the main genres, with Cornet and Trumpet Voluntaries, Echo Voluntaries, fugal works with slow introductions, and Full Voluntaries; as such, the collection offers a wide range of attractive music suitable for both church and recital use
Heaven Is My Home

Compiled by Mary F. Carbello, this collection will become your go-to book for funerals.
Hymn Tunes A to Z compiled by Douglas E. Wagner
NEW! Douglas E. Wagner has assembled a mix of creative hymn-tune settings by twenty-one composers, with at least one tune corresponding to every letter of the alphabet! This wire-bound, budget-stretching worship resource provides choices for service use and contains a detailed table of contents and a handy tune index.

Published by the Lorenz Corporation 2013

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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49 Sacred Melodies For All Organs

Difficulty level: Beginner
The Wedding Ceremony: Processionals Recessionals and Other Music

Published by G. Schirmer, Inc. 1971

Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate

Softbound, 68 Pages
Church Music for All Organs

Published by G. Schirmer, Inc. 1970

Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate

Softbound, 58 Pages
Linker: Lift High the Cross
A collection of variations for organ on Lift High the Cross. Useful for varyious service elements.
Michael Burkhardt: Ah, Holy Jesus
This collection, by famed organist and composer, Michael Burkhardt, features six well-known hymns.
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Clay Christiansen: Now Let Us Rejoice
Clay Christiansen's ten hymn settings for organ are designed for use in church services and are of moderate difficulty.

Carols for the Nativity: Nine Carol Settings for Organ
John Eggert's collection of popular Christmas Carols is a must-have for the church organist's Christmas collection.
Christmas Ayres and Dances
This collection of eighteen easy to moderate carols is for organ, chamber organ, harpsichord, or piano. These pieces stand in the tradition of the German "house music" of the 17th century. These settings by J. William Greene will surely be useful for Christmas service music, and registration suggestions are included for each piece.
17th and 18th Century Organ Voluntaries
Compiled and edited by Michael Burkhardt, this collection of organ voluntaries is for manuals alone and manuals with pedal points.
Glad Tidings!
Compiled by Dennis Eliot, this Christmas Collection is of intermediate difficulty.
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All Glory, Laud and Honor
Compiled by Michael Shea, this collection of organ expressions for Palm Sunday through Eastertide is useful for any church musician during that busy season. Intermediate level of difficulty.
Trumpet Tunes for Organ
A collection of trumpet tunes for organ. These works were originally intended for organ alone, but trumpet parts have been provided for some as a performance option.
Advent Postludes for Organ
A compilation of joyous Postludes for the Advent Season. This collection features seven excellent composers/arrangers, and seven great tunes.
African-American Organ Music Anthology
edited by Mickey Thomas Terry.
Includes a foreword from the editor and biographical sketches of each composer.
Click above to view and order each of the six volumes.
An Album of Trumpet Tunes for Organ
Compiled and edited by Dale Tucker.Contains old chestnuts, easy-to-moderate pieces. Could have a useful, permanent presence near the console for lively postludes, bridal processions, and other festive moments. 29 selections, 118 pages.
Album of Wedding Music for All Organs
Fifteen pieces arranged by Mark Laub.
All Praise for Music
Easy Hymn Settings for Organ arranged by Timothy Shaw.
Anthology of Spanish Organists of the Seventeenth Century
transcribed and edited by Higinio Anglés. Click above to view the seven volumes.
Anthology of Eighteenth-Century Spanish Keyboard Music
This anthology is for Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, or Clavichord. Contains organ specific information as well as how to play different articulation in regards to the different schools of thought.
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At the Console
A Collection of Transcriptions from the Masters. Compiled and Arranged by William M. Felton. Click above for a complete list of repertoire.

Organized according to the church year, these very useful volumes are based on commonly used hymn tunes. Click headline to see contents of each volume and to order.
Baroque Music for Manuals
From Concordia, six volumes of organ music of the Baroque era. Pieces by Bach, Handel, Telemann, Stanley, Purcell, Vivaldi, and many, many more! Edited and arranged by S. Drummond Wolf.
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Marilyn Biery: An American Perspective
Settings of Old and New Tunes for Organ. These pieces are designed for the intermediate organist. This book contains multiple pieces for many different functions during the church service.
Biggs Book of Organ Music
Arranged and edited by E. Power Biggs. Includes a tribute from Leslie Spelman and biographical sketches. Click above for a repertoire listing.
A Blue Cloud Abbey Organ Book for Lent
A collection of tunes as well as theme and variation for Lent and Holy Week arranged by Christopher Uehlein.
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Burkhardt: Easy Hymn Accompaniments for Organ
The settings in this collection, intended as accompaniments as well as introductions to hymn singing, were written to meet the needs of both parish and student organists. Fingering and pedaling are indicated in each setting. Performance considerations and learning sequences as well as registration suggestions, articulations, and other information for individual settings are included.
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Charles Callahan: Eight Quiet Preludes
Eight beautiful and calming settings of favorite American hymn-tunes. These settings could easily become standards in any organist's repertoire.
Charles Callahan: Gospel Prelude Collection
A collection of twelve intermediate difficulty spirituals for manuals and pedals arranged by Charles Callahan.
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Charles Callahan: Organ Plus! Volume 1
The first volume in a series of collections designed to provide much needed material for organists with an additional instrumentalist or two. The collection features a variety of composers, as well as original works by Charles Callahan.
The ChicAGO Centenary Anthology
Twenty-one pieces by composers including Dudley Buck, Leo Sowerby, Carl F. Schalk, and others.
Chorale Preludes for Advent
Chorale Preludes for Easter Vol. 2
Edited by Gaston Litaize and Jean Bonfils.

Click on underline for contents.
Chorale Preludes for the Evangelischen Gesangbuch
An extensive series of chorale settings published by Baerenreiter for use in the Lutheran church in Germany, and by organists anywhere who need a variety of chorale settings.
Christmas Music for Organ
A collection of Christmas works for organ. Published by Boeijenga Music Publications.
Christmas Music for Organ 978-90-70425-59-3
Christmas Music from France and Germany
19 settings of Christmas melodies, hymns, and plainchant by French and German composers.
The Church Organist's Golden Treasury: An Anthology of Choral Preludes
An anthology of Choral Preludes is gathered into three volumes edited by Carl F. Pfatteicher and Archibald T. Davison. Settings are by many composers, Armsdorf to Zachau, with strong representation by Bach, Buxtehude, Böhm, Krebs, Lubeck, Kirnberger, Telemann, etc. Several settings of the same text are offered. They appear alphabetically by the German names of the chorales.
A Classic Top Ten for Manuals
The Complete Traditional Wedding Album for Organ, Keyboard and Voice
compiled by Rollin Smith. 53 wedding preludes, processionals, songs, and hymns, including the Wagner and Mendelssohn wedding marches, Pachelbel’s Canon, etc., and favorite wedding vocals such as the Bach and Schubert Ave Marias, along with other favorites such as I Love You Truly and O Promise Me. 176 pages.
Click on the title for a complete list of repertoire
Dancing Down the Aisle: Processionals for Joyful Occasions
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edited by Rollin Smith
Beginning organ students will find 27 pieces well within their grasp, spanning four centuries and many different styles. Composers of note include Palestrina, Bach, Brahms, Haydn, Gounod, Mendelssohn and more! Click the title for a complete list of repertoire.
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Easy Organ Pieces from the 19<sup>th</sup> Century
edited by Martin Weyer. Short and easy-to-play pieces for instruments with one or two manuals. Each includes performance notes in English and in German.
The Essential Organist
Sixty pieces for weddings, funerals, and everyday. Easy to moderate. Click for a full list
Four Centuries of Organ Music
16 works compiled from “Masterpieces of Organ Music” with works by Telemann, Sweelinck, Froberger, Beethoven, Pachabel, Fux, Bach, Des Prez, Buxtehude, Krebs and more.
Fox: At the Organ with Virgil Fox
Twenty-nine favorite works arranged by Virgil Fox, complete with registration suggestions.
French Noëls for Organ
A collection of popular Christmas Tunes from Daquin, Dandrieu, and Balbastre.
The Books of American Negro Spirituals by James Weldon Johnson & J. Rosamond Johnson
Two volumes combined into one present more than 120 spirituals set for voice with piano accompaniment. Each section of the book has an extensive preface by its editor. Softbound, 376 pp. Click on headline to order.
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German Organ and Keyboard Music of the 17th Century

Collection of First Editions
Contains for the first time in-print, organ and clavier music by composers working within the borders of the Holy Roman Empire. The two volumes contain all of the known keyboard music by Biber, Bödecker, Erbach, Ferdinand III of Hapsburg, Karges, Saxer, Theile, and Wecker.Bärenreiter Urtext Edition, edited by Siegbert Rampe.
Click above to see the repertoire contained in each volume!
Great Fugues for Organ
Works by Bach, Buxtehude, Brahms, Schubert and others. Edited by Rollin Smith. Click the headline to see contents.
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Great Organ Transcriptions
Rollin Smith compiles a vituoso anthology of 26 instrumental works by Bach, Chopin, Handel Mozart, Schumann, Wagner, and others as transcribed for organ by Liszt, Saint-Saëns, Bach, Guilmant, Franck, Reger, and more. 192 pages
Wayne Leupold: The Greensboro Collection
This collection of award-winning organ compositions came into being as a result of a "call for compositions" contest by the Greater Greensboro Chapter of the AGO for the 2012 Region IV AGO Convention in Greensboro, NC.
Hommage à Jean Langlais
In honor of Jean Langlais' 90th Birthday and the 100th Anniversary of the American Guild of Organists in 1997, Fred Tulan and Langlais' widow, Marie-Louise, collect pieces commemorating the life and works of the French master. Also included are Langlais' only unpublished organ solo and various composers and organists' memories of Langlais.
Die heitere Königin, Band 1

The Cheerful Queen, Volume 1

A sample book of cheerful organ music from 300 years by Bach, Beethoven, Bölting, Daquin, Forchhammer, Grünberger, Guilmant, Joplin, Knecht, Lefébure-Wely, Lucchesi, Marpurg, Petrali, Rousseau, Salomé, Scarlatti, Scheidt, and Willscher
Jean Langlais and Naji Hakim: Expressions for Organ

Thirty pieces without title.
Leipziger Orgelmusik aus der Thomaskirche

Organ Music from St. Thomas Church, Leipzig
This series, edited by Anne Marlene Gurgel, features music composed by Cantors and Organists of St. Thomas Church, Leipzig. Although most will recognize the Thomaskirche by its most famous Cantor, J.S. Bach, these pieces were written after Bach's death and before his 1950 re-interment in the church. Works range from the Classical Period to the early Twentieth Century.
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Compiled and edited by David N. Johnson.This collection is intended for church usage and for teaching. Some are suitable for recital performance as well. Representative composers: Schütz, Bach, Boyce, Scheidt, Cassler
Marian Hymns I
Salve Regina
Lennox Berkeley
Matthias Crudeli
Josef Friedrich Doppelbauer
Gabriel Fauré
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger
Franz Schubert (Two settings: B-flat Major and G Major)
Franz von Suppé
Pietro Terziani
Nicola Zingarelli (Two settings: C Major and F Major)
The Marilyn Mason Music Library

A Collection of Commissioned Works for Organ
Works commissioned by and dedicated to Professor Marilyn Mason.
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The Memorial Album, ed. Charles Callahan
Thirty selections for use in funerals or memorial services. Compiled and edited by Charles Callahan.
Music for Manuals: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
Compiled and Edited by Rodney Schrank
Music for Manuals: General and Fall Festivals
Settings of familiar hymn tunes by Michael Burkhardt, Charles Callahan, Andrew Clarke, Matthew Corl, Wilbur Held, Robert Hobby, Karen Keene, Paul Manz, and Wayne Wold. Edited by Rodney Schrank.
Music with Minimal Pedal
This series of easy to moderately easy music is arranged according to the liturgical year. Each volume is compiled and edited by Rodney Schrank.
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This series contains Chorale Preludes by German composers of the nineteenth century. Works are arranged alphabetically by the tune on which they are based. Baërenreiter Urtext Edition.
Pieces in the Romantic Style on the Christmas Carol O du fröhliche
Organ Chorales of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Contains chorales composed by mostly German (with the exception of Sweelinck and Purcell) composers of the 17th and 18th centuries, conveniently indexed by title. Each work is preceded by the lyrics of the chorale in the original languages. A great addition to the church musician's library!
Organ Classics

18 Works by Bach, Franck, Mendelssohn, Reger and Others
edited by Rollin Smith
Organ Music for Funerals and Memorial  Services, Book 1
Compiled, edited, and arranged by Wilbur Held
Organ Music for Manuals Only
From Dover. Rollin Smith collects 33 pieces composed for organs of all sorts, but without pedals, by Berlioz, Bizet, Nadia Boulanger, Gigout, Glière, Rossini, Beethoven, Franck, Saint-Saëns, Reger, W. T. Best, Chausson, and others. Excellent notes on the music. 120 pages, softbound.
Click on underline for contents.
Organ Music for the Christmas Season
For this Dover edition, Rollin Smith includes both familiar seasonal works and rare Christmas music, such as Dupré’s finale to Daquin’s Noël X and his Variations sur un Noël; Karg-Elert’s Chorale Improvisation on In Dulci Jubilo, Maleingreau’s Sympohnie de Noël, etc. Click the headline for titles and to order.
Organ Music for the End of the Church Year<br><small>edited by Andreas Rockstroh</small>
For the present anthology, organ works by largely unknown composers have been selected from the wealth of chorale-based and freely composed organ music of the 19th and early 20th century.
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Organ Works - Johannes Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn, & Robert Schumann
Dover Publications reprints organ works of three Romantic masters from the authoritative Breitkopf & Härtel editions.
Orgelmusik der Klassik und Fr&uuml;hromantik

Organ Music of the Classical and Early Romantic Periods
From Bärenreiter, edited by Eberhard Hoffman. Works by Christlieb Siegmund Binder, Karl Gottlieb Umbreit, Johann Gottfried Vierling, Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck, Jakob Friedrich Greiss, Christian Fink and Ernst Friedrich Richter.
Click above to view all six volumes!
Orgelmusik für Trauerfeiern
The Organ Funeral Album
Orgelmusik für Trauerfeiern BA9207
Orgelmusik in den Baltischen Staaten: Band 1: Lettland
Organ Music from the Baltic States, Vol. 1: Latvia
(ed. Alexander Fiseisky) Notes in English and German on the Organ in Latvia, biographies of composers, and performance notes. 88 pages of music plus 38 pages of text.
Orgelmusik in den Baltischen Staaten, Band 2: Estland

Organ Music from the Baltic States, Volume 2: Estonia
(ed. Alexander Fiseisky) Notes in English and German on the Organ in Estonia with stoplists and photos, biographies of composers, performance notes, 53 pages of music plus 38 pages of text.
Orgelmusik in Russland, Band 2
Organ Music in Russia, Volume 2.Works by Lyapunov, Cui, Sabaneyev, Kryjanovsky, Glasunow, Catuar, and Rybov. Volume one of this series is out of print and no longer available.
Orgelmusik in Russland, Band 2 BA8218
Orgelmusik in Russland, Band 3
Organ Music in Russia, Volume 3
Works by Tanejew, Tscherepnin, Karatygin, Gliere, Glasunow, Nirenburg, Butzko, and Kollontaj. Note: Volume one of this series is out of print and no longer available.
Orgelmusik in Russland, Band 3 BA8219
Orgelmusik zu Lob und Dank
Praise and Thanks for Organ Little-known nineteenth century composers' arrangements of tunes based on the theme "Praise and Thanks".
Orgelmusik zu Lob und Dank BA8496
Orgelmusik zu Trauungen
The Organ Wedding Album: Easy Organ Music for Grand Occasions
This Barenreiter collection edited by Martin Bartsch contains 33 easy arrangements for organs with and without pedals of wedding favorites by Bach, Boellmann, Charpentier, Clarke, Elgar, Franck, Guilmant, Handel, Kittel, Krieger, Lemmens, Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn, von Paradis, Purcell, Rheinberger, Rinck, Schubert, Stanley, Wagner, and Walther.

Click on underline for contents.
Orgelmusik zu Trauungen BA8200
Orgelmusik zur Passions- und Osterzeit
Passiontide and Easter for Organ
Chorale and hymn-based works by largely unknown 19th-century German composers. This Baerenreiter edition was edited by Andreas Rockstroh.
Orgelmusik zur Passions- und Osterzeit BA9210
Orgel- und Claviermusik der kaiserlichen Hofkapelle Wien 1500-1700
Organ and Keyboard Music of the Imperial Court Chapel Vienna
Most of these pieces appear here in print for the first time. Baerenreiter Urtext Edition, edited by Siegbert Rampe. Click the title for a complete list of repertoire
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Orgel- und Claviermusik der kaiserlichen Hofkapelle Wien 1500-1700 BA9214
Orgel- und Claviermusik am Salzburger Hof: 1500 - 1800

Organ and Keyboard Music at the Salzburg Court
This Bärenreiter collection, edited by Siegbert Rampe, contains works by composers active at Salzburg Court from the early 16th Century to the end of the Archbishopric in 1803. Many pieces here are first edition.
Click above for a complete list of repertoire!
The Oxford Book of Ceremonial Music for Organ
Robert Gower collects 31 grand, ceremonial pieces ideal for use at weddings and as voluntaries, even recitals, and some contemplative pieces. Click for a full list.
The Oxford Book of Christmas Organ Music
Compiled by Robert Gower. Thirty-five favorites, including famous arrangements by Sumsion, Purvis, Willcocks, Willan, Lloyd-Webber, Hancock, and many more
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The Oxford Book of Wedding Music
Thirty selections of the most frequently requested organ music for weddings, loosely arranged in three sections — pre-service, processionals, interludes.
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The Oxford Book of Wedding Music for Manuals
Twenty-seven popular wedding marches and pieces for wedding preludes and other times, all arranged for manuals, including an excellent one of Pachelbel’s Canon, Handel's Water Music and Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring and Bist du bei mir.
Oxford Service Music for Organ
This is a major collection of organ music for students, players, and church musicians of all levels and abilities. Compiler and editor Anne Marsden Thomas has drawn on her long experience of teaching and playing to select the most attractive, tuneful repertoire in two new sets of graded anthologies. Within each book the pieces are grouped according to service needs into Preludes, Interludes, Processionals, and Postludes. The repertoire spans the 16th to the 21st century, with some new pieces written especially for the collection. A number of pieces throughout the collection have been selected for the ABRSM organ syllabus. The result is a wonderful collection of repertoire for all players, containing a wealth of attractive and varied pieces that will offer much practical support for church musicians and enrich and develop their playing.
The Parish Organist
Comprising twelve volumes of short, accessible works mostly based on chorales, this classic Lutheran series has been aiding church musicians since 1953.
Essential to your sheet music library!
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Pieces for Small Organ without Pedals Book 1
These 24 charming Baroque works were intended for Positive organs, Regals, and even harpsichords, though a pedal note may be optional here or there.
Philadelphia Organ Book : Six Short Pieces for the Church Year
Commissioned by AGO for the 2002 Convention. Works by Emma Lou Diemer, Charles Callahan, Erik Santos, David Cherwien, Dorothy J. Papadakos, Bruce Neswick
Preludes and Postludes for Manuals
edited by Charles Callahan. Click above to see the contents of the five volumes and to order.
Seht, das Brot, das wir hier teilen
Music for Communion
Silva Ibérica, Volume 2

Easy Keyboard Music of the 16th, 17th and 18th century from Italy, Portugal and Spain
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Soloing the Stops - Manuals
Thirty pieces for manuals only featuring different voices of the organ. Composers include Rosalie Bonighton, Richard Lloyd, Robert Jones, Martin Setchell, Andrew Moore, Simon Clark, Michael Higgins, David Terry, Andrew Wright, Andrew Fletcher, Norman Warren, June Nixon, John Jordan, John Marsh, Colin Mawby and Elizabeth Hill.
The Sunday Morning Organist
A set of new sheet music collections of great arrangements of hymn tunes and transcriptions for the church organist. All volumes are for the Intermediate/Advanced Organist.
Toccatas, Carillons and Scherzos
Selected and edited by Rollin Smith. Twenty-seven works for church or concert use.
A Treasury of Christmas Music
Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin
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A Treasury of Festive Music
Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin
A Treasury of Holy Week and Easter Music
Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin
Compiled by Gilbert M. Martin
A Treasury of Shorter Organ Classics
Edited by E. Power Biggs

Click above for contents
Voluntaries for Worship
Hymn concertatos by Michael Burkhardt, Donald Busarow, and Robert Hobby.
Vox Humana: International Organ Music
This series offers easy to moderately difficult pieces from around the world. Includes music from France, USA, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy.
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Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme - In dulci jubilo
Edited by Andreas Rockstroh
A collection of Romantic settings of two familiar Advent tunes.
Wedding Music Part I
Processionals & Recessionals for Church Weddings, Anniversaries, and Other Festive Occasions
A Concordia Classic!
Weimarer Orgeltabulatur
J.S. Bach's earliest manuscripts, and works by Buxtehude, Johann Adam Reinken, and Pachelbel.
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Martin Weyer: Organ Music for Communion
This collection published by Baerenreiter offers a wide stylistic spectrum that ranges from J.S. Bach as the focal point to the late-Romantic era. In addition to original compositions and first editions, also included are high-quality arrangements for organ and twelve selected chorales from the CPE Bach collection in settings by J.S. Bach, whose melodies and texts are particularly suited to being performed "Sub-communione". Some of the works can also be performed with solo instrument (Corresponding parts are included with the score and are for instruments in C, B-flat, and F).
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