The Darling Madam Laura

The Darling Madam Laura
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Resplendent with carved cherubs, dragons, tassels and three large figures which include the namesake Madam Laura and two lavishly presented, though scantily clad, bellringer assistants well-bedecked with gold leaf, the restored band organ was built by the French firm Gavioli in the late 19th century. Originally played from a 94-pinned cylinder, it now plays from 87-key cardboard music.

The visual smorgasbord of The Darling Madam Laura is only surpassed by the renditions of Down On The Farm, The King Cotton March, Look For the Silver Lining, Paddlin Madeline Home, and many more tunes, including a rendition of Moonlight and Roses which may indeed completely eclipse composer Edwin Lemare’s conception!