Dudley Buck Organ Music

Dudley Buck Organ Music
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James Hammann plays an 1866 Hook
James Hammann, Organist, plays the 1866 E. & G. G. Hook 3m relocated to St. John's Episcopal Church, Quincy, Illinois, by Quimby Pipe Organ Builders of Warrensburg, Missouri, and tonally restored as built, with additions and mechanical restoration and rebuilding. The United States’ booming 19th-century growth in population, geographic expansion, industry, and culture placed the greatly talented Dudley Buck (1839-1909) in the right place at the right time. Born into an affluent family of Hartford, Connecticut, Buck’s musical reputation flourished as a concert organist and as a prolific composer of great skill, adapting his Continentally-trained talent to please American audiences, with widely heralded success and important musical posts in Boston, Chicago, and New York.

Organ Works by Dudley Buck (1839-1909)

Grand Sonata in E-Flat, Op. 22, in four movements

Rondo-Caprice, Op. 35

The Star-Spangled Banner Concert Variations, Op. 23

Studies in Pedal Phrasing, Op. 28
No. 1 Moderato
No. 2 Andante Espressivo
No. 8 Andante quasi Allegretto
No. 14 Allegro moderato

Sonata No. 2, Op. 77, in three movements