Easy Organ Pieces from the 19th Century, Vol. 2

Easy Organ Pieces from the 19<sup>th</sup> Century, Vol. 2
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This volume provides a more colorful collection of repertoire, representing six different nations. Also arranged by tonality.

C Major
Allegro moderato · Moritz Brosig
Fugiertes Präludium Nr. 1/ Prelude fugal No 1 · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Pastorale · James Hutchkiss Rogers

C minor
Sacris solemnis · Alexandre Guilmant
Fugiertes Präludium Nr. 2/ Prelude fugal No 2 · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

C-sharp minor
Allegretto · Mortiz Brosig

D major
Präludium und Fuge · Antonín Dvo°ák
(ohne Titel)/ (without title) · Michael Gotthard Fischer

D minor
Legende/Legend · Emil Sjögren
Moderato · Alexandre Guilmant

E-flat Major
Allegretto · Moritz Brosig
Legende/ Legend · Emil Sjögren
Hymne/ Hymn · Alexandre Guilmant

E major
Moderato assai · Moritz Brosig
Fuga · Jan K°titel Va˛hal

E minor
Allegro · Moritz Brosig
Maestoso · Alexandre Guilmant

F major
Andante · Moritz Brosig
(ohne Titel)/ (without title) · Michael Gotthard Fischer

F minor
Moderato · Moritz Brosigo 10 · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

F-sharp minor
Fugiertes Präludium Nr. 29/ Prelude fugal Nº 29 · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

G major
(ohne Titel)/ (without title) · Johann Gottfried Vierling
(ohne Titel)/ (without title) · Michael Gotthard Fischer

G minor
Legende/ Legend · Emil Sjögren
(ohne Titel)/ (without title) · Michael Gotthard Fischer

A-flat major
Adagio · Jan K°titel Kucha°
Elévation oder/ or Communion · Alexandre Guilmant

A major
Andantino · Moritz Brosig

A minor
Allegro moderato · Alexandre Guilmant
Allegro moderato · Theophil Forchhammer

B-flat major
Lento · Moritz Brosig
Fuge über BACH · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

B-flat minor
Kyrie eleison · Fritz Lubrich jr.

B minor
Fugiertes Präludium Nr. 36/ Prelude fugal Nº 36 · Ludvig Mathias Lindeman