The Egedacher Organ

The Egedacher Organ
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KERLL Toccata V, Ciaccona, Canzona I
MUFFAT Toccata undecima
BACH Vater unser (BWV 737), Erbarm dich mein (BWV 721), Nun freut euch, lieben christen gmein (BWV 734), Vom Himmel hoch (BWV 701) (BWV 700)
FUX: Sonata terza, Sonata septima
HIEBLER Schlagstück in C and F
KELLNER Fantasia
RELLSTAB Sonata pel Organo o Cembalo

The Egedacher Organ of 35 stops in the magnificent baroque church at the Cistercian abbey of Zwettl, Austria, was the first 3-manual organ in this region, completed in 1731. It was restored in 1983 by Gerhard Hradetzky. Elisabeth Ullmann plays a compelling program of 17th and early 18th century music.