The Excellent Art of Voluntary

The Excellent Art of Voluntary
Item# PLE2002

Product Description

John Wellingham plays the 2004 William Drake organ built for St. Paulís Church, Deptford, England, noting the thirtieth anniversary of the Drake firm. With only a few concessions to facilitate a broader range of literature, the organ seeks to recreate a typical 3-manual English church organ from the middle of the18th century. It is installed in a case original to the church c. 1745. The voluntaries chosen for this recording are right at home in the context of such an organ.

CROFT: Voluntary XII in D, Voluntary VI in G, Voluntary XI in d, Voluntary X in D; PRELLEUR: Voluntary No. 1 in D minor/major; WALOND: Voluntary IV, Set 2 in D minor/major; GOODWIN: Siciliana in F, Voluntary X in b; HANDEL: Minuet from Arminio; HERON: Voluntary 7 in G; BENNETT: Voluntary IV in c; BOYCE: Voluntary I in D; CAMIDGE: Concerto IV in G