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Jean-Baptiste de Bousset: Air
Johann G. Ebeling: All My Heart This Night Rejoices (Chorale and variations), arr. Piet Post
Baroque Suite
I. Andante (Friedrich von Spee)
II. Moderato (Gabriel Voigtländer)
III. Adagio (Heinrich Schütz)
IV. Allegretto (Johann Scholze)

J. S. Bach:
Do With Me As Thy Goodness Prompts Thee
Jesus, Thou My Dearest Life
Now Woods and Fields are Sleeping

G. Winston Cassler: Eucharistia (Meditation on a plainsong "Kyrie")
Samuel Scheidt: Fail Me Not, O Holy Christ
Enchiridon, 1524: Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior, harm. David N. Johnson
The Sacred Harp, 1844: Jordan, arr. David N. Johnson
Heinrich Schütz: Psalm 56
Claudin de Sermisy: Song
William Boyce: Symphony I, trans. David N. Johnson