Fleury, Langlais and Tournemire

Fleury, Langlais and Tournemire
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Fleury, Langlais, Tournemire were friends and maintained a mutual respect, and their prominence in 20th-century French organ culture is the basis of this program. Tournemire dedicated the Laetare office to Fleury, his assistant. Two organs are played wonderfully by François Lemanissier and they are located in Saint-Lô in northwestern France (Normandy). At Notre-Dame, the Kern firm revoiced the large 1968 Beuchet-Debierre 3m organ in 1987, and Fleury and André Isoir shared the dedication concert. At Sainte-Croix, the 1893 Louis Debierre 2-21 has been restored to its original specification.

FLEURY: Variations sur un Noël bourguignon; Prélude, Cantilène et Final; Pour la Pentecôte; Prélude, Andante et Toccata
LANGLAIS: Tiento from Suite Médiévale; Hymne d’action de grâce Te Deum; Consolatrix afflictorum from l’Offrande à Marie; Nazard from Suite Française
TOURNEMIRE: Laetare from L’Orgue Mystique