Flor Peeters: 60 Short Pieces

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well suited to service use, of easy to medium difficulty
The Pieces
Introduction, Invention, Meditations, Interlude, Adoration, Children's Prayer, Dorian Prelude, Canon, Interlude, Offrande, Melody, Elegy, Mixolydian Choral, Postlude, Invention, Pastorale, Choral, Tale, Prelude, Cortège, March, Interlude, Melancholy, Fughetta, Lydian Prelude, Song, Intermezzo, Cantique, Improvisation, Choral, Postlude, Evening Prayer, Cantique, Improvisation, Idyll, Phygian Prelude, Choral, Canon, Intermezzo, Cortège, Prelude, Fugue, Cantique, Lamento, Invention, March, Choral, Offrande, Mixolydian Choral, Allegretto Cantabile, Intermezzo, Wedding march, Solitude, Choral, Cantilène, Elegy, Song, Lydian Prelude, Child's Dream, Toccata