Froberger, Kerll, Muffat

Froberger, Kerll, Muffat
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South African-born organist Jeremy Joseph performs on the 1636-1642 Freundt organ at the Monastery Church in Klosterneuburg, Austria. The organ has survived without unnecessary additions or changes, and was appropriately restored by the Kuhn firm in the 1980s.

Johann Jacob Froberger
Toccata in G FbWV 103
Ricercar FbWV 405
Fantasia Sopra Sollare FbWV 204
Richercar FbWV 411
Toccata in d FbWV 102
Capriccio FbWV 505
Toccata: da sonarsi alla leuatione FbWV 105
Capriccio FbWV 516

Johann Caspar Kerll
Magnificat Quati Toni (from Modulatio Organica, in alternatim with Gregorian chant)
Toccata IV - Cromatica con Durezze e Ligature
Canzona in d
Ricercata in cylindrum phonotacticum transferenda
Toccata V - Tutta de Salti

Georg Muffat
Toccata Prima (from Apparatus Musico-Organisticus)