Gabriel Dessauer: Just For Fun

Gabriel Dessauer: Just For Fun

Product Description

A good double handful of lighthearted tunes, three manuals and 67 ranks of well-built pipe organ and a talented and adept organist who likes to joke and grin: not a bad combination at all if you are in the mood for something considerably less serious than the typical organ recital. Gabriel Dessauer has filled a grab bag with good humor from his Orgel-Feuerwerk series and added a few new smiles to lift your mood…Just For Fun!

Holzmann: Blaze Away; Joplin: The Entertainer; Maple Leaf Rag; Heaps: Swinging Bach; Ogden: Penguins Playtime; Anderson: Jazz Legato; Jazz Pizzicato; Phantom Regiment; Bugler’s Holiday; Rawsthorne: March On Ilkley Moor; Line Dance; Hornpipe Humoresque; Widor: Toccata; Bach: Sinfonia in D; Gigue Fugue; Gardner: Jig; Bratton: Teddybears Picnic; Goodwin: Miss Marple Theme; Schumann: Kanon in b; Rutter: Toccata in Seven; Arndt: Nola; Strauss: Radetzky Marsch