J. S. Bach Organ Works Complete

J. S. Bach Organ Works Complete

Boxed Set: J. S. Bach Organ Works Complete, George Ritchie Plays
Now in an 11-CD set at a SPECIAL PRICE
Produced to much critical acclaim and a highly regarded reference of performances!
Now in an 11-CD boxed set at a SPECIAL PRICE
Critical Acclaim!
“This is Bach as Bach intended his music to be heard,”
writes John Holland, The Diapason
“. . .an ideal combination of music, performance, instruments, recording . . ."
Arthur Lawrence, The American Organist
". . . a reference-level collection, it should be in any serious library, and should be reached for frequently. . ."
Paul Aldridge, The American Organist
"These performances are ripe with a depth of scholarship, musicality, and knowledge . . .”
Haig Mardirosian, The American Organist

Eleven CDs of the complete organ works are played by George Ritchie on nine pipe organs built in the United States. Extensive notes document the organs (which are photographed), the registrations, and George Stauffer writes extensively on the works.

The Complete Organ Works of Bach played by George Ritchie include:
18 Preludes and Fugues
4 Toccatas and Fugues
4 Fantasies
2 Partitas
6 Trio Sonatas
6 Fugues
4 Concertos
10 Miscellaneous Works
103 Chorale Preludes including the Great 18 Leipzig Chorales, Schübler Chorales, Clavierübung, Part III, Orgelbüchlein, and free chorales

The organs:
Fritts-Richards organ, Seattle, Washington
Taylor & Boody organs in Worcester, Massachusetts, and Indianapolis, Indiana
John Brombaugh organ, Collegedale, Tennessee
Munetaka Yokota organ, Chico, California
Fritz Noack organ, Houston, Texas
Paul Fritts organ, Tacoma, Washington
Martin Pasi organ, Omaha, Nebraska
C. B. Fisk organ, St. Paul, Minnesota

This 11 CD set includes the individual CD volumes OAR-250 (single CD), OAR-300 (2-CD set), OAR-400 (2-CD set), OAR-470 (2-CD set), OAR-580 (2-CD set), each of which is available separately below.
George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 1
George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 2
George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 4
George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 1

German Virtuosity & Italian Elegance
On the Fritts & Richards organ in the wonderful acoustics of St. Alphonsus Church in Seattle, George Ritchie receives splendid reviews on this first volume of Bach: "one must own this recording . . . this is Bach as Bach intended his music to be heard . . . " says The Diapason.

Toccata & Fugue in F, BWV 540
Partita on Sei gegrüsset, Jesu gütig, BWV 768
Canzona, BWV 588
Prelude & Fugue in D, BWV 532
Pastorella in F, BWV 590
Fantasy & Fugue in G minor, BWV 542
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George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 2

Leipzig Mastery Ritchie plays two Taylor & Boody organs: Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis. Writes Arthur Lawrence in The American Organist “. . . an ideal combination of music, performance, instruments, recording, and packaging . . . lovingly and convincingly played by one of America’s finest Bach players.’’

The Great 18 Chorales BWV 651-668
Canonic Variations on Von Himmel hoch, BWV 769
Trio Sonatas Nos. 4 in e & 5 in C BWV 528 & 529
Prelude & Fugue in B-Minor, BWV 544
Prelude & Fugue in E-minor Wedge, BWV 548

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George Ritchie Plays Bach, Vol. 4

Foreign Influences George Ritchie plays the Noack 2-35 at Christ the King Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, built in the 18th-century style of Zacharias Hildebrandt, and the Munetaka Yokota 2-47 at the University of California at Chico, inspired by Silbermann and Hildebrandt.

Allabreve in D, BWV 589
Concerto in A-minor after Vivaldi, BWV 593
Concerto in D-minor after Vivaldi, BWV 596
Concerto in G-Major after Ernst, BWV 592
Fantasia in G-Major, BWV 572 Piece d'Orgue
Fantasia in C-minor, BWV 562
Fugue in G-Major, BWV 577 Jig
Fugue in G-minor, BWV 578 Little
Fugue in B-minor, BWV 579
Prelude & Fugue in G, BWV 541
Prelude & Fugue in A-minor, BWV 543
Prelude & Fugue in C (“9/8"), BWV 547
Toccata, Adagio, & Fugue in C, BWV 564
Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor Dorian, BWV 538
Trio Sonatas 1 in E-flat & No. 2 in c, BWV 525 & 526

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