German and Northern European Music after 1750 (Not Including Mendelssohn Recordings)

Nordic Journey Vol. 2 The Nordic Symphonic Tradition

James D. Hicks plays the 1905 Åkerman & Lund Organ at St. Johannes' Church in Malmö, Sweden.
Max Reger: Complete Organ Works Vol. 7
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Sauer Organ of the Moritzkirche, Halle/Saale.
Max Reger: Complete Organ Works Vol. 6
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Link Organ of the Evangelische Stadtkirche at Giengen an der Brenz.
Max Reger: Complete Organ Works Vol. 5
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Sauer Organ of the Erloserkirche, Bad Homburg, Germany.
Max Reger: Complete Organ Works Vol. 4
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Stahlhuth/Jann Organ of Dudelange, Luxembourg.
Max Reger: Complete Organ Works Vol. 3
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Steinmeyer Organ of Ottobeuren Basilika, Germany.
Max Reger Complete Organ Works, Volume 2
NEW! This two-CD set features Roberto Marini performing Max Reger Complete Organ Works at the Rieger Organ of Fulda Cathedral in Germany.
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Max Reger Complete Organ Works, Volume 1
NEW! This two-CD set is comprised of Roberto Marini performing Max Reger's Complete Organ Works at the Bruckner Organ of the Stiftsbasilika St. Florian in Austria.
Schumann and Brahms Organ Works
NEW! This German program, performed by organist Megumi Tokuoka, showcases the organ music of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms. This recording is a testament to their achievements as composers reinterpreting the music and style of JS Bach.

Recorded on the Wilhelm Korfmacher Organ (1841)
Eglise Saint-Sebastie, Stavelot (Belgium)
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Thomas Trotter: Schumann
Editors Choice for Gramophone Magazine. Thomas Trotter performs in a stunning new recording of all of Schumann's works for organ and pedal piano. Recorded on the magnificent Ladegast Organ of Merseburg Cathedral, Germany.
Messiaen: Livre du Saint-Sacrement
First Ever Grammy Winning Performance for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (without Orchestra) This is Messiaen's last and longest organ work--a thematic cycle based on the sacrament of Communion comprising 18 movements, many based on his recorded improvisations, arranged into three thematic groups. Paul Jacobs is widely acknowledged for reinvigorating the American organ scene with a fresh performance style and 'an unbridled joy of music-making' (Baltimore Sun). He has performed the complete organ works of Messiaen in nine sittings in eight American cities.
Jean-Pierre Leguay: Splendeur & Elégance
Jean-Pierre Leguay presents a grand performance of works by Augustin Barié and Joseph-Guy Ropartz. This performance suits the acoustics of Notre-Dame de Paris quite well. The expressive quality is heightened by Leguay’s variety in registration. The diversity of color within this expressive playing results in this high quality recording. From the softest flute to the most thunderous reed Leguay brings out every nuance--it is rather varied in tone quality. A truly French recording for all romantic enthusiasts.
Max Reger Organ Works
Henrico Stewen performs the works of Max Reger at the Sauer Organ of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. The organ was built by Wilhelm Sauer in 1889. The mechanical action was replaced by pneumatic action in 1902, and enlarged with 23 stops in 1908. Between 1988 and 2005 it was totally restored to the 1908 state.
Nordic Journey
On a two-disc set, organist James Hicks performs Romantic and Modern organ works of Nordic composers on the 1929 E.A. Setterquist and Son organ at Linköping Cathedral in Linköping, Sweden. The works performed will likely be unfamiliar to even the most seasoned listener; Several premiere recordings are included.
Joseph Schelb: Orgelwerke
Organist Martin Schmeding performs the complete organ works of Josef Schelb (1894-1977) on the 1967 Karl Schuke organ at St. Immanuel Church, Wuppertal, Germany. Schelb's brief interest in organ composition developed primarily around the same time this organ was built. Recorded in high quality SACD format, and will play in all CD and SACD players.
Schumann for Pedal Piano Played on a Pedal Piano!
Schumann's intended piano sounds for pieces usually played on the organ.
Robert Schumann  Works for Pedal Piano played on an Organ!
Organist Ludger Lohmann ably performs works of Robert Schumann on one of the largest surviving E. F. Walcker organs in Germany, in Neuhausen auf den Fildern, near Stuttgart.
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Ave Maris Stella: Gerard Gillen in Dublin
Gerard Gillen of St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin plays works of his teacher Flor Peeters and of Cesar Franck on the Pro-Cathedral's organ dating to the 1880's work of John White.
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Jan Van Mol plays at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp
Sint Pauluskerk is a treasure of Antwerp and its organ from 1654 is part of its artistic heritage. Jan Van Mol plays works of J. C. A. Miné perfectly suited to the organ.
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Max Reger at SMU: Christopher Anderson Plays
"...This recording will prove invaluable to anyone interested in the effective performance of Reger," says James Hildreth of The American Organist.

Christopher Anderson plays Reger on both Fisk Opus 101 in Caruth Auditorium and the 3-71 Aeolian-Skinner/Schudi/Dupont organ in Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University.
The Last Schnitger Organ
Elizabeth Harrison plays the last organ built by the last organbuilding Schnitger.
Placidus Metsch Organ Works
At the 1824 Johann Viktor Gruol and Sons organ in the Marienkirche in Bissingen an den Teck, Germany, Laura Cerutti plays pieces in Rococo style written by Placidus Metsch.
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Dulcet Tones
Jack Mitchener Plays the Salem Tannenberg
On the 1799 Tannenberg in Winston-Salem, Jack Mitchener makes the first recording of Graun's Concerto in g, and also plays J.S. and C.P.E. Bach and several others.
Barbara Dennerlein: Spiritual Movement No. 2
Barbara Dennerlein plays jazz on Schuke Opus 119 in Berlin.
Die Röver-Orgel in der Evangelischen Baptistenkirch in Moskau
The Röver-Organ at the Evangelical Baptist Church in Moscow
Organist Alexei Parshin plays works of Brahms, Bruckner, and Liszt's arrangements of Chopin and J. S. Bach on the romantic 1898 organ built by Ernst Röver (Hausneindorf, Northern Germany) at the Evangelical Baptist Church in Moscow, Russia.
Romantische Orgelmusik
Winfried Bönig plays German romantic works on the 1904/2003 Fleiter organ at the Catholic Parish Church "Heiliges Kreuz" (Holy Cross) in Münster, northern Germany. The two manual, 38 stop instrument was redesigned by the builder in 2003.
Mozart in Amorbach: An Expanded Program by Klemens Schnorr
Klemens Schnorr plays an expanded program of Mozart works on this recent recording.
Mozart: Gerhard Weinberger an der Orgel der Abteikirche Amorbach
The 1782 Stumm organ at the Abbey Church in Amorbach, Germany was restored to its former glory in 1982 by the Klais and Steinmeyer firms, in time for its 200th Birthday.
Max Reger zum 125. Geburtstag
Max Reger on his 125th Birthday
Organists/ pianists Wolfgang Rübsam and Andreas Rothkopf join to commemorate Max Reger's 125th Birthday in 1998 by recording three of his works from the early twentieth century. Rübsam and Rothkopf play together on two Steinway pianos, and as soloists on the 1877 Sauer Organ (refurbished and expanded 1996 by Rieger) at the High Cathedral in Fulda, Germany.
Earned the "Empfehlung" (Recommended) Award from Germany's Klassik Heute
Mozart and the Organ
OHS Member Joan Lippincott plays works of W. A. Mozart on the 29 stop Fisk Organ at Old West Church, Boston, which was visited by the Organ Historical Society during the 2000 National Convention in Boston.

Boston 2000
OHS Member Performs
Himmel in Meran
Heaven in Merano
It is in the unique Italian community of Merano, near the Swiss border, that Martina Apitz and Rose Kirn play the two manual, 15-stop Steinmeyer organ built as Opus 285 in 1885 at the Protestant Christuskirche. Kirn and Apitz play mostly Romantic music, rounding out the program with Bach, Mozart, and a work by Apitz's husband, Manfred.
Total Playing Time 73:28
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Willem van Twillert plays his Chorale Preludes
On two compact discs, Dutch organist Willem van Twillert plays his own chorale preludes, which are based on the Psalms and composed in eighteenth century style. He plays the interesting and historic Hinsz organ at the Bovenkerk in Kampen, Holland.
Franz Liszt - David Mulbury - Methuen Memorial Music Hall
David Mulbury plays works of Franz Liszt on the Great Organ of Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Methuen, Massachusetts. This instrument was heard by the Organ Historical Society during the 1978 National Convention in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Sigfrid Karg-Elert Ultimate Organ Works
German organist Elke Völker plays the works of Sigfrid Karg-Elert on organs in Germany, Spain and Luxembourg.
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Julius Reubke Keyboard Works
Reubke’s compositions for both organ and piano on a single disc are surveyed by H. Joseph Butler, organ and John Owings, piano.
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The Intimate Reger
Robert Benjamin Dobey plays the Schoenstein organ at Our Lady of Grace Episcopal Church, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, including his own transcriptions* of some piano works.
Consolation, op. 65/4; Moderato* from Aus meinem Tagebuch, Book 1, op. 82/5; Prelude & Fugue in F, op. 85; Pastorale, op. 59/2; Romanze, op, 92/5; Gigue, op. 47/2; Passion, op. 145; Es ist das Heil, op. 135a/7; Ave Maria, op. 80/5
From Nine Organ Pieces, op. 129: Melodia; Kanon
From 13 Chorale Preludes, op. 79b: Morgenglanz der Ewigheit; Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin; Ein Feste Burg; Ach Gott, verlass mich nicht; Nun danket alle Gott
From Six Piano Pieces: Albumblatt*; Scherzo*
From 52 Chorale Preludes, op 67: Aus tiefer Not; Lobe den Herren; Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern; O Welt, ich muss dich lassen
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Karg-Elert Complete Organ Works: Stefan Engels Plays
Volume 6-10 now available! Stefan Engels says that he has not found a single poor work by Sigfrid Karg-Elert. The enthusiasm shines through his playing and sustains this ambitious project of recording all of the prolific composer’s organ works.
Reger : Grand Organ Works -- 1900 E. F. Walcker 3m
Gerd Zacher plays the 1900 Walcker 3-44 organ of 44 ranks financed by the industrialist Friedrich A. Krupp the Evangelical Church in Essen-Werden, unaltered and restored. These works could not be more satisfactorily realized than by the ideal pair of this organist and this organ. REGER: Variations & Fugue in f-sharp, op. 73; Choral prelude “Come, sweet death!”; Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue in e, op. 127
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German Romantic Works
Orchestral conductor and organist Johannes Skudlik brings a great sense of line to his performances in the resonant space of Dinkelsbühl Munster on the 80-rank Rieger organ which was completed in 1997 and is generally optimized for performance of Romantic repertoire. Expressive, lively playing, and perhaps the only recording of the famous Erwin Horn's transcription of the Scherzo from Bruckner's Symphony No. 0 (zero). Click the headline for transcriptions of Bruckner and Brahms, and works by Schumann, Karg-Elert, Liszt, and Reger.
Reger in the "Black Forest Cathedral"
Established in the 9th century, St. Blasien Church in the Black Forest of Germany was rebuilt in 1874 following its destruction by fire. Now used as a school by the Jesuits, the complex has been completely restored. The highly regarded Schwarz organ, in a case based on the fire-destroyed Silbermann organ, dates from 1912-13.
Heinrich Wilhelm Stolze: The Well-Tempered Organ
This CD unveils such a treasury of Romantic German organ music that it is hard to believe it lay completely forgotten for more than a century. Of this work, he writes, “This fourth and last part of my practical school for organ, op. 58, is intended only for the more advanced . . . There is scarcely any need to mention that the idea is taken from Seb. Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier; here, however, the preludes and the fugues are more related to form a while, so that the preludes are not complete in themselves.” The 24 pieces in each key are played on 2 CDs by Reinhard Kluth on the 3-66 organ reconstructed in 1999 in the “Bach temperament” of John Barnes at the Stadtkirche in Celle.
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Great European Organs No. 62
Johannes Unger plays the Sauer Organ of St. Thomaskirche, Leipzig
The superb German organist Johannes Unger, (who plays frequently in the U. S.), performs works of Reger, Karg-Elert and Ludwig Neuhoff, a late nineteenth century native of Leipzig. Unger plays the fine Sauer organ at St. Thomas Church. Built in 1889, the three manual organ of 115 ranks matches the repertoire ideally. The rarely heard Neuhoff sonata receives a convincing performance.
Adolf Busch Organ Works
Virtuoso violinist and composer Adolf Busch (1891-1952) is almost forgotten 50 years after his death despite his prominence during the first half of the 20th century. The teacher of Yehudi Menuhin and Isaac Stern, he also composed in the late German Romantic tradition. His organ works are brought to life here by German organist Ludger Lohmann on the 1996 Rieger organ in Stuttgart Conservatory. Click for repertoire.
At St. Florian, Upper Austria - The Bruckner Organ
On the occasion of Anton Bruckner’s centenary in 1996 and because if his connection with the organ at the Abbey of St. Florian, it was fully restored. Matthias Giesen, organist on this disc, is the organist at the Abbey. View the wide-ranging Romantic program by clicking on the headline
Hans Uwe Hielscher Plays Gerard Bunk
Gerard Bunk Organ Works, Vol. 1 Gerard Bunk (1888-1958) was born in Rotterdam and studied piano there and in Hamburg. In 1907, became a teacher of piano and theory at the Bielefeld Conservatory. In 1910, he played the Walcker organ with its 107 voices in the St. Reinoldikirche in Dortmund for the first time and met Max Reger with whom he shared a long friendship. From 1925 until his death, he worked as a cantor organist in this church. Bunk composed a great number of organ works and many of them are evocative pieces. Hans-Uwe Hielscher plays the 1863 Walcker / 1938 Sauer / 1982 Oberlinger of 112 ranks in the Market Church, Wiesbaden, Germany. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
Karg-Elert Organ Works
Choose from two, multiple-CD sets played by Wolfgang Stockmeier (SPECIAL PRICE of $9 or less per CD).
1924 Steinmeyer
Brilliant young German organist Markus Eichenlaub plays the 1924 Steinmeyer organ of 85 ranks on three manuals at St. Marien Church, Landau. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
Kamp Plays 19th C. German
Christine Kamp, well received for her Vierne series, plays the large 4-manual 1904 Sauer organ in Hermannstadt (Sibiu), Romania. Christian Scheffler restored the organ in 1996-97. The Bartmuss works are not otherwise recorded. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
Robert Schumann: Complete Organ Works
The compositions played here — Schumann’s Op. 56, 58, and 60 — by Dan Zerbass are an intriguing testimony of Schumann’s encounter with the world of Bach and the instrument of the organ, and of his hope regarding the (unfortunately) soon forgotten pedal piano. Zerbass plays the 1985 Klais of 24 stops in the splendid acoustics of Worms Cathedral. Click on the headline to order.
Romantic Variations for German Romantic Organ
Kurt-Ludwig Forg plays the 3-47 organ built in 1997 in Romantic style at the large Münster in Radolfzell/Bodensee by Peter Mönch of Überlingen. The new organ recycles many pipes remaining of the much-rebuilt 1903 Schwarz organ. Also, a spectacular Romantic facade from 1903 was found stashed in the parsonage attic and it was reconstituted for the new organ that is built on slider chests with tracker action and with stop controls and other console devices in 19th-century style. Repertoire explores a few unfamiliar works as well as some more frequently heard, but none that are greatly familiar. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
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musica organi elegans
Organ & Harpsichord, Solo, 4-Hands: The “Gallant” period brought forth several examples of pieces for two keyboard instruments, which according to the practices of the time, were not specified. Craig Cramer and Christoph Keggenhoff make elegant music on an 1818 Geib organ and a 2000 Klop harpsichord. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
Reger Writ Large
These major works by Reger are appropriate for the large Seifert organ, first completed in 1907 and last reworked from 1979-1981, in St. Mary’s Basilica, Kevelaer. The instrument now contains 128 speaking stops (not counting borrowing) and about 168 ranks on four manuals and pedal. Stefan Schmidt is Kantor at St. Peter’s Church, Düsseldorf. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
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Great Liszt; Grand Walcker
There are almost 100 stops on the 1927 Walcker organ in the Hans-Sachs-Haus (Philharmonie) at Geisenkirchen, providing a splendid sonic spectrum for Tosten Laux’s interpretation of the three big Lizst works. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
David Fuller Plays Fährmann & Wagner
A contemporary of Max Reger, Hans Fährmann wrote monumental — and monumentally difficult — works for vast organs in which the display of contrapuntal mastery was a central feature. David Fuller plays the large symphonic organ of SUNY, Buffalo, Op. 95 of C. B. Fisk built in 1990, in this first recording of Fährmann’s 8th sonata and arrangements from Wagner’s Meistersinger. Click the picture for more information and to order.
Otto Dienel Organ Works on Two Great Hook Organs
Two Volumes! Organ works by Otto Dienel (1839-1905), a prominent organist and composer in Berlin, are played by Edward Zimmerman, an OHS member on the music faculty and College Organist at Wheaton College-Conservatory of Music. The organs are the 1866 Hook 2-25 at South Congregational, Augusta, Maine, and the 1851 Hook / 1894 Hutchings / 1988 Andover 3-46 at St. John’s Cathedral, Providence, R. I. Click for repertoire on each of two volumes.
Organ Works of Manfred Kluge
The Great Organ (1673 Richborn/1984 Schuke) and the Small Organ (1637 Stellwagen/1978 Hillebrand) at St. Jakobi, Lübeck, where Manfred Kluge (1928-1971) held his last post, offer an opportunity to hear Kluge’s works on the instruments which he knew well, at the very location where he originally composed and performed these pieces, including an arrangement for organ of Stravinsky's Symphonies for Wind Instruments. Organist Joachim Walter has a particular interest in Lübeck’s musical history, which he explores in recitals, publications, and exhibits. Click picture for repertoire
Robert Fuchs Organ Works
Robert Fuchs (1847-1927), praised by Brahms and a respected composition teacher at the Vienna Conservatory, took the tradition of Brahms and made thoughtful variations of these previously articulated musical statements. Peter Planyavsky plays the 1991 Rieger organ in the Stephansdom in Vienna.
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Lübeck Cathedral: Rose Kirn Plays
Rose Kirn plays the fine 3-70 Marcussen organ at the Cathedral in Lübeck, Germany. Reger Introduction & Passachaglia in d, Choralfantasie Halleluja!, Bach Fantasie & Fugue in g and Von Gott will ich nich lassen, Rheinberger Sonata 9. Click picture for repertoire
Louis Robilliard, one of the world’s great organists, plays Liszt, Bach, Brahms, and Mendelssohn on two large Cavaillé-Colls: the recently restored one of 1888 at St. Sernin in Toulouse and the 1879 one at St. François de Sales in Lyon, where Robilliard is titulaire.
Willibald Guggenmos Plays a New Eule Organ
A new 4-72 Eule organ of eclectic design at St. Michael’s Church, Schwabmüchen, is played by virtuoso Willibald Guggenmos. ARCHER: Fanfare MOZART: Adagio in D J. S. BACH: Pièce d’Orgue in G (BWV 572) VIERNE: “Romance” from Symphonie IV, Op. 32 BATISTE: Trois Elevations in A, b, and a LUDVIG NIELSEN: Fantasy on the Bells of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim BRIDGE: Adagio in E TOMÁS GARBIZU: Toccata con Diapente
Late Romantic Works from Passau Cathedral
The massive organ is at its best with interesting romantic works such as these impressive and widely dynamic pieces. Hans Leitner soars on 17,774 pipes, 233 stops, built as the world's largest church organ in 1928 by the Steinmeyer firm and enlarged since.
Romantics & Improvisation: Big Sound, Big Acoustics

From Regensburg Cathedral
Glorious acoustics of St. Peter Cathedral in Regensburg, Germany, greet the sound of the large organ built by Mathis (1989).
Rheinberger Festival

Several organists play the masterful and tuneful compositions of Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901), mostly on period organs by Sauer, Walcker, and Link.
Rudolf Innig Plays Rheinberger

Another Rheinberger Series
The first two volumes feature the 1844 E. F. Walcker 3-46, restored in 1995, at St. Maria Church in Schramberg, Germany, and volumes 3 and 4 feature the restored 1888 E. F. Walcker 3m at the Stadtkirche in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Michelle Leclerc Plays Mozart
Michelle Leclerc plays Mozart on the historic organ at the Cathedral of St. Etienne in Sens where she is the titular organist. The organ was built between 1722 and 1734 as a 3-32 by Lebé and Mangin, and rebuilt in the spirit of the original as a 4-48 in 1990 by Boisseau & Cattiaux. Click on headline for repertoire.
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Romantic Music at Duke
Mozart on the Organ
Included here are the well-known pieces Mozart was commissioned to compose for mechanical clockwork organs as well as other pieces that seem to be composed for the generic keyboard. Ursula Emile-Ossenkop plays Prelude & Fugue in C; Allegro in g; Fugue in g; Fantasy in f K. 608; Fantasy (Toccata) in C; Adagio in b; Fantasy in d; Intrada & Fugue in D
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Reger on 597 Ranks!
Valedictorian of German Romanticism, Max Reger’s ultimate statements for the organ are explored by fine artists in this series of five CDs which feature very interesting organs of the period by Walcker, Sauer, Ladegast, Steinmeyer, and others.
Merkel Organ Sonatas
NOW COMPLETE! With the release of the fourth volume in this series of all of the organ sonatas composed by the Dresden romantic master Gustav Merkel, Adrian Partington completes his perusal of these works as played on several large organs. Other organ works in addition to the sonatas are also included.
The Grand German Organ Tradition
Heidi Emmert at Methuen

Heidi Emmert plays Bach, Reger, Rheinberger, and Rudger on the famous 1863 Walcker/1947 Aeolian-Skinner 4-115 at Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Massachusetts.
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Reger in Wiesbaden

Hans Uwe Hielscher, organist/carillonneur at the Marktkirche since 1979, plays the rebuilt and enlarged 1863 Walcker organ in Wiesbaden .
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Romantic Organ Music:  Leipzig & Dresden

St. Thomas, Leipzig Organ works from the last quarter of the 19th century are recorded on the restored 1889-1908 Sauer 3-100+ in the Thomaskirche, Leipzig, with Ulrich Böhme as the organist.
David Fuller Plays Liszt-Reubke-Stehle

David Fuller on the SUNY Fisk.
Writes Fanfare magazine: Liszt of "awesome power," Reubke of "utter brilliance . . . a towering achievement," Stehle of "red-blooded impact."
On the Rieger-Sauer organ at Fulda Cathedral in Germany, renowned organist Wolfgang Rübsam performs works of Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger. Eight volumes are now available, all at a LOW PRICE!
Franz Liszt Die Orgelwerke
Austrian organist Martin Haselböck performs the complete organ works of Franz Liszt on four different organs built by German organbuilder Friedrich Ladegast (1818 - 1905), whose work Liszt admired. This handsome set, imported from Germany, includes 5 CDs in high quality SACD format, a DVD, and a 156 page book.
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