Gillian Weir Plays Messiaen, Complete

Gillian Weir Plays Messiaen, Complete
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Organ of Århus Cathedral, Denmark, played by Gillian Weir
These famous recordings were released just a few years ago on another label that has since disappeared. Widely heralded at the time, they were available only as a complete set of many CDs. Now, Priory is issuing the complete series one-by-one.

Weir Plays Messiaen Vol. 1: La Nativité, Apparition de l'Elgise, Le Banquet Celeste
Originally recorded for Collins Classics in association with BBC Radio 3, this volume is a re-release by Priory Records Ltd in 2002. The new series has been digitally re-mastered for even better sound than the original!

Contains an exceptional 30-page booklet containing stoplists of the Århus organ as well as La Trinité, with descriptions of Messiaen's experiences and changes he desired on that instrument, list of organ works, when and if they were published and performed, timeline of important milestones in Messiaen's life, and more.

"An absolute triumph...This release represents one of the major recording triumphs of the century." In Tune

Gillian Weir plays
Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle
La Nativité du Seigneur
La Vierge et L'Enfant
Les Bergers
Desseins Eternels
Le Verbe
Les Enfants de Dieu
Les Anges
Jésus accepte la Souffrance
Les Mages
Dieu parmi nous
Le Banquet Céleste

Total Playing Time: 74:40
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Gillian Weir plays
Méditations sur le mystère de la Sainte Trinité
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Vol. 3 Weir Plays Messiaen
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Vol. 4 Weir Plays Messiaen
L'ASCENSION Majesté du Christ, Alléluias sereins, Transports de joie, Prière du Christ
LIVRE D'ORGUE Reprises par interversion, Pièce en Trio, Les mains de l'Abîme, Chants d'Oiseaux, Pi`ce en Trio, Les Yeux dans les Roues, Soixante-Quatre Durées
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Vols. 5 & 6 Weir Plays Messiaen

Livre du Saint Sacrement
complete, 2-CD set
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