Gillian Weir at Ulster Hall, Belfast

Gillian Weir at Ulster Hall, Belfast
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Gillian Weir plays the famous 1861 William Hill 4m organ at Ulster Hall, Belfast, Ireland, as digitally recorded for a celebrated LP release in 1983 and now transferred to this 2-CD set with even more stellar results.

MEYERBEER: Coronation March from Le Prophète
MENDELSSOHN: Variations on Vater Unser im Himmelreich from Sonata No. 6
EBEN: Moto Ostinato from Sunday Music
BRIDGE: Adagio in E
VALENTE: Lo Ballo del ’Intorcia
FRESCOBALDI: Toccata for the Elevation
ZIPOLI: Offertorio in C
STANLEY: Voluntary in g
BACH: Concerto in d after Vivaldi
MESSIAEN: Joie et Clarté des Corps Glorieux
FRANCK: Choral II in b
MULET: Rosace from Esquisses Byzantine
F. COUPERIN: Dialogues sur la Voix Humanine & sur les Grands Jeux from Mass for the Convents; Benedictus: Chromorne en Taille from Mass for the Parishes
DUPRÉ: Cortège et Litanie; Allegro Deciso Evocation