GOArt Research Reports Vol. 1

<I>GO</I>Art Research Reports Vol. 1
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Sverker Jullander, ed.; Paul Peeters & Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, assoc. eds.

Hans Davidsson and Munetaka Yokota, “Introduction to the Technical Research”
Tore Granhäll, “Some Unsteady Flow Phenomena in Wind Supply Systems of Pipe Organs”
Milan Friesel and Birger Karlsson, “Material Research on Lead-Tin Alloys Used for Organ Pipes”
Wolfgang Kropp, Mendel Kleiner, and Peter Svensson, “The Sound Generation Mechanism of Organ Flue Pipes”
R. Axel Unnerbäck, “Historicl Organs and Organ Restoration Practice in Sweden in the 20th Century”
Niclas Fredriksson, “The ‘Virestad’ Organ by Hans Henrich Cahman: A Preliminary Report on Documentation Work”
Eva Helenius-Öberg, “Connections Between Organ Building and Keyboard Instrument Building in Sweden before 1820”
Joel Speerstra, “Some Questions about Clavichord Soundboards”
Ludger Lohmann, “Notated Slurs in Organ Music: Approaches to Interpretation”
Hans van Nieuwkoop, “Tempo and Time Signatures in the 17th and 18th Centuries”
215 pages, softbound