Gothic Pipes

Gothic Pipes
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This CD presents some of the earliest music written for organ, both sacred and secular, played by Kimberly Marshall, a leader in the field of early performance practice.

Track Listing:

From the Faenza Codex:
Kyrie cunctipotens genitor Deus;
Bel fiore dança;
Or sus, vous dormés trop

From the Robertsbridge Codex:
Estampie: Retrové
Motet: Firmissime/Adesto/ Alleluya

From the Groningen MS:
Empris domoyrs

From the Ileborgh tablature:
Praeambulum 4/Mensura 1
Praeambulum 5/Mensura 3
Praeambulum 3/Mensura 2

Untitled, from the treatise De musica arte

From the Buxheimer Orgelbuch:
Redeuntes in la
Praeambulum super f
Praeambulum super mi
Praeambulum super C
Redeuntes in Idem

Chanson settings:
Praeambulum super d
Adieu mes tres belle
Praeambulum 1 from the Ileborgh tablature
J'ay pris amours
Praeambulum super G
Praeambulum super C
Se la face ay pale

Kyrie de Sancta Maria Virgine
Gloria de Sancta Maria Virgine