Hans Leo Hassler Organ Works

Hans Leo Hassler Organ Works
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Franz Raml presents the variety of styles found in Hans Leo Hassler’s keyboard music on the historic instruments of Tangermünde and Stift Schlägl. While Hassler published several vocal editions, his organ works only survived as copies in various keyboard anthologies. His style draws upon the vocal polyphonic styles of Lassus as well as the Italian organ styles of Merulo and Andrea Gabrieli. Raml artfully presents this music, allowing the listener a window back in time.

Track Listing:

Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612)
Toccata in d
Danzen und springen
Mein Gmüth
Ach Gott vom Himmel sieh darein
Toccata in F
Recercar ex a
Canzon in F
Canzon in a
Fantasia ut re mi fa sol la
Canzon in g
Ach Freylein zart
Nun lasst uns fröhlich sein
Magnificat quarti toni
Canzon in C
Ach weh des Leiden
Ach weh der schweren Pein (1st Part)
Und weicht von mir (2nd Part)
Toccata in a

Total Playing Time: 77:01

2014, MDG