Hakim Plays Hakim

Hakim Plays Hakim
Item# SIGCD222

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Naji Hakim returns to Signum with this collection of his own works for organ. As both an organist and a composer, Lebanese-born Naji Hakim has distinguished himself as one of the most active artists of his generation. A virtuosic performer, who succeeded Olivier Messiaen as organist at l'église de la Trinité in Paris, many of his works draw on his own Christian beliefs (in 2007 he was honored with a Papal award for his services to the church). The works are recorded on the new van den Heuvel organ of the Danish Radio Concert Hall, Copenhagen (opened in 2009).

“For all that one is used to Hakim’s coruscating brilliance, the sheer technical skill and white-hot intensity of the Hakim imagination in blending these dirge-like themes into music left this Scotsman duly open mouthed.” - Grame Kay, Choir & Organ Magazine

All My Founts Shall Be With You
I love the Colourful World
Sakskobing Praeludier
To Call My True Love To My Dance
Glenalmond Suite