Henry Pilcher's Sons: Opus List and Historical Sketch

Henry Pilcher's Sons: Opus List and Historical Sketch
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Written by Bynum Petty.

Henry Pilcher constructed his first pipe organ in Dover, England, in 1820. Over a period of almost 125 years, four generations of family members- working first in England and then in the United States- built Henry Pilcher's Sons Organ Company into a business known for its high manufacturing standards. The institution they created placed organs throughout the United States, and saw its end only with the outbreak of World War II.

This reference volume, rich with previously undiscovered source material, presents a historical synopsis of the family business. Also included is the opus list of Pilcher organs, arranged both chronologically and by region, and published here for the first time.

A vital source for organ historians and admirers, the volume includes information on specific instruments.

413 pages softbound

2014 Bynum Petty