OHS Recordings

These multiple-CD sets survey organs in specific American regions. Each features 17 to as many as 39 organs played by as many organists. The performances are recorded during the annual National Conventions of the Organ Historical Society. Click on each title below to see the wide-ranging repertoire, lists of performers, and organs recorded on each set.

Historic Organs of the Capital District, New York
Historic Organs of Southeastern Massachusetts
The Recordings from the Splendid 2005 OHS Convention!

This diverse 4-CD collection features stellar performances by 37 different organists.
Historic Organs of Seattle
Our OHS Convention Set from Seattle is now available! 24 historic and modern organs, organs built in the Pacific Northwest, and a new work commissioned by the OHS for this convention!
Historic Organs of Indiana
Historic Organs of Indiana
Highlights of the 2007 OHS National Convention
Four discs. Five hours of music!
Historic Organs of Buffalo
Thrilling performances by renowned organists Ken Cowan, Felix Hell, Thomas Murray, Lorenz Maycher, Bruce Stevens, Peter Stoltzfus, Frederick Swann, Tom Trenney, plus many others · More than 30 pipe organs · Works by Vierne, Sowerby and a new work by David Conte · Several selections of enthusiastic hymn-singing, always a highlight of OHS Conventions! · Includes a 40-page booklet complete with photos and stoplists
Historic Organs of Chicago

Works by more than three dozen composers are played on a selection of 35 of the Chicago area's most interesting organs.

Several selections of hymn singing as famously heard at OHS conventions are also included.

Includes a 32-page booklet with stoplists and photos of the organs.
Historic Organs of Montréal
This 4-CD set features 32 pipe organs in and near Montréal, Québec, Canada celebrating a diverse collection of organs built in French, British, and American traditions from 1856 to 1999. Click for full list of repertoire and performers.
Historic Organs of Portland
This 4-CD set features 35 pipe organs built 1790-1996 with 36 fine musicians playing 60 compositions. Click for full list of repertoire and performers.
Historic Organs of Colorado
This 4-CD set features 23 pipe organs and two harmoniums with 27 fine musicians including Tom Murray, Will Headlee, Peter Sykes, Bruce Stevens, Fred Hohman, George Bozeman, and Charles Rus playing 45 compositions by Richard Purvis (5 works), Kodaly, Easthope Martin, Gordon Balch Nevin, Fleury, Karg-Elert, Thayer, Warlock, and many more. Organs by Kimball, Welte, Roosevelt, Hook & Hastings, Schuelke, Farrand & Votey, Austin, Wirsching, Ryder, Steere, Kilgen, and more.
Historic Organs of Baltimore
Thirty Historic Organs, Baltimore to Westminster to Hanover
Historic Organs of Connecticut
35 Historic Pipe Organs in Connecticut.
Historic Organs of Maine
Thirty-Nine Historic Organs, Alfred to Calais
Historic Organs of New Orleans
17 Historic Organs, the Bayous to Natchez, were recorded during the 1989 OHS Convention, including many located in the area affected by Hurricane Katrina in late August, 2005. Includes 16-page booklet with stoplists, photos, and histories.
Historic Organs of Louisville
Historic Organs
of Louisville

Thirty-Two Historic Pipe Organs in Kentucky