Historic Organs of Switzerland Vol. 3

Historic Organs of Switzerland Vol. 3
Historic Organs of Switzerland Vol. 3
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Vol. 3 is devoted to the large 3m organ completed in 1721 by Josef Bossard and his son Victor at the Monastery Church of St. Urban. The 1994 restoration by Kuhn reinstated the original meantone tuning and split keys D-sharp/E-flat in the three treble octaves, respecting the very unusual style of this organ for its date, which includes the ancient tuning but early Romantic characteristics as well. The handsome CD booklet discusses the restoration, the tuning, the repertoire, and the history of the builders and the Monastery. Albert Bolliger plays.

St. Urban
Heinrich Scheidemann: Praeambulum in F
Heinrich Scheidemann: Choralvorspiel: Jesu, wollst uns weisen
Heinrich Scheidemann: Fuga in d
Matthias Weckmann: Lucidor einß hütt der schaf
Johann Kaspar Kerll: Ricercata
Michelangelo Rossi: Corrente prima, terza, quinta
Johann Jakob Froberger: Ricercar III in F
Johann Jakob Froberger: Sarabande
Johann Jakob Froberger: Capriccio III in G
Bernardo Pasquini: Passagalli
Bernardo Pasquini:Canzone Francese
Bernardo Pasquini: Aria in F, G
Bernardo Pasquini: Bizzaria in d, F
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Sonate in G
Anonymous: Voluntary in a
Georg Friedrich Händel: Voluntary II in C
John Stanley: Voluntary op. 7/6 in F
Johann Pachelbel: Fantasia in d
Johann Pachelbel: Choralvorspiel: Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt
Johann Pachelbel: Aria Prima in d
Johann Pachelbel: Magnificat quarti toni
Johann Pachelbel: Magnificat tertii toni
Johann Pachelbel: Magnificat sexti toni
Johann Pachelbel: Toccata in C