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Horn & Organ
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In the sumptuous acoustics of Riga Cathedral in Latvia and using the huge Romantic organ built by E. F. Walcker in 1884 with 124 stops on four manuals, the superb French horn player Arvids Klichans (a member of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra since 1954 and a frequent touring soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic) plays original works for horn and organ by Ravanello and Krol, and transcribed works for horn and orchestra or for other instruments entirely. The organ is played by three organists in these works recorded 1980-1998: Olgerts Cintins, Talivadis Deksnis, and Aivars Kaleďs.

RAVANELLO: Méditation
LEOPOLD MOZART: Concerto for horn in D
W. A. MOZART: Larghetto, K. 581
CHERUBINI: Sonata in F
HANDEL: Andante
BERNHARD KROL: Missa Muta, op. 55