Italian Music

1612 Italian Vespers
Performed by internationally renowned ensemble I Fagiolini, this is a stellar world-premiere recording of Giovanni Gabrieli's 28-voice Magnificat, Viadana's four-choir Vesper Psalms, and other works by Barbarino, Palestrina, Monteverdi, and Soriano. Directed by Robert Hollingworth and features organists James Johnstone, Catherine Pierron, and David Roblou.
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Great European Organs, No. 84
Emanuele Cardi plays the organ of San Benedetto Church in Pontecagnano Faiano, Salerno, Italy. Providing an overview of the Italian Organ repertoire of the 18th and 19th centuries, Cardi plays with fine technique and sensitivity to the history of the repertoire.
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Puccini, The Organist
Puccini, operatic master and organist, not only knew both of these organs, but played and signed them both. Liuwe Tamminga shows another side to Puccini and two wonderful organs.
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Gioachino Rossini: Overtures for Organ Four Hands
Excellent playing and obvious enthusiasm for operatic literature mark this enjoyable recording of overtures by Rossini on the 1821 Fratelli Serassi organ, Op. 384 in Caluso.
Johann Christoph Pez - Laura Cerutti, organ
Although Johann Christoph Pez (1664-1716) was born and died in Germany, he was heavily influenced by the music of Italy. Laura Cerutti performs her own transcriptions and reaarangements of Pez's orchestral music. Cerutti performs on the 1785/87 Holzhey organ at Weissenau Kirche, Ravensburg, Germany. The instrument was restored in 1989.
Bach and the Italian Influence
OHS Member Kimberly Marshall not only plays works of J. S. Bach specifically influenced by Italians, but also plays works of Frescobaldi, whom Bach studied. Marshall plays the 1984 Fisk Organ (Opus 85) at Stanford University's Stanford Memorial Church in Palo Alto, California. The four manual organ can be played in equal-temperament or in one-fifth comma meantone.
OHS Member Performs
Scarlatti Sonatas on the Organ
Vincent Boucher plays Wilhelm Opus 129 in Italian Style
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Dulcet Tones
Jack Mitchener Plays the Salem Tannenberg
On the 1799 Tannenberg in Winston-Salem, Jack Mitchener makes the first recording of Graun's Concerto in g, and also plays J.S. and C.P.E. Bach and several others.
The Harpsichord in 18th-Century Venice
The Harpsichord in 18th-Century Venice
Works of Vivaldi, Marcello, Galuppi, Turrini, Grazioli and others performed by virtuoso Michele Barchi in the sumptuous context of contemporary architecture beautifully filmed by Federico Savio.
All’ Italia: Catherine Todorovski
Catherine Todorovski played for the 1999 OHS Convention in Montreal and became an instant favorite of the 400 in attendance. Her playing is both graceful and exciting, vastly musical and virtuosic. Her program of works in Italian style is wonderfully rendered on a beautiful 2m organ built in the Italian style in 1993 by Karl Wilhelm and now for sale, recorded in a fine acoustic. The Gherardeschi and anonymous works have been discovered and/or published within the past two decades by Umberto Pineschi. Click picture for repertoire
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Italian Renaissance: Kimberly Marshall Plays
This recording on the 1519 Piffaro organ in Siena’s Church of Santa Maria Della Scala makes authentic sounds of the 16th century and establishes a tangible link to the musical and artistic culture of the Italian Renaissance. The organ has a beautiful gentle vocal sound that is deal for the 16th century music. Kimberly Marshall plays these delightful gems on this, her most popular recording. Click on the headline for more information and to order.
1835 Morettini Organ
The 1835 Morettini Organ in the charming Italian hilltop castle village of Panicale (population 510) is located in the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo and was built in Morettini’s workshop in Perugia, 22 miles east. The organ was restored in 2000 by Eugenio Becchetti, who plays wonderfully in this recording. Works are drawn from 18th- and 19th-century composers, most of whom are anonymous. The style is largely based on opera and the percussion devices in the organ are well used in a few of these works. Click picture for repertoire
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Italian Organ Tour in 9 Volumes!
Volume 9 Now Available! This popular series of CDs imported by OHS presents fascinating instruments and repertoire from many builders and every era of Italian organbuilding, expertly played by specialists. A wonderful document of these beloved organs. Click ikon to see the contents of each volume
The Italian Organ, Vol. 8 "Marco Enrico Bossi"
Marco Enrico Bossi composed and enjoyed an active continental career as an organ recitalist. Massimo Nosetti plays the ca. 1927 Balbiani-Vegezzi-Bossi 3-45 in Alessandria Cathedral. Click picture for list of 12 works on this CD
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Radiance: The Italian Organ -- 1830 Agati Reproduced
The Italian organ, with its traditional ripieno, has often not been understood beyond the peninsula, yet its music was very influential beyond Italian borders. Michel Colin plays a rare Italian-built instrument which made its way into Provence, France, in 1830, to the collegiale church of St. Pancrace d’Aups, where this original Agati organ has been in recent years reconstructed by Yves Cabourdin
Gilles Jullien Organ Works
Serge Schoonbroodt plays the complete organ works of Gilles Jullien (1653-1703) on two 4-manual organs of the French classical period, yet contrasting significantly: at the Cathedral in Montauban, the 1687 Hew (Hoan)/1787 Jean-Pierre Cavaillé reconstructed 1996- 2000 by Pascal Quoirin; at the Abbey in Mouzon, the 1725 Moucherel reconstructed by Barthélémy Formentelli in 1991. Added to the recording is the eight-minute Motet of Saint Cecilia as sung by a quartet and accompanied by a superb string trio and chamber organ played by Bob van Asperen.
GILLES JULLIEN: Premier Livre d’Orgue: 8 Suites (du 1er-8e tons); Motet de Sainte-Cæcile

Two CD Set
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