Jan Van Mol plays at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp

Jan Van Mol plays at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp
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Jan Van Mol plays at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp
Antwerp’s Sint Pauluskerk dates from 1571 when a church was built to replace another structure from 1276 which was plagued by frequent flooding. About 75 years after the new church was built and the 30 Years War had ended, the Dominicans decided to install an organ in their church only to find that most organbuilders had fled the area. In 1654 Nicolaus Van Hagen delivered an organ of 47 stops on 3 manuals and pedal, the foundation of the instrument in the church today. In 1993-96 the Potlieghe/Draps firm restored the organ to its 1822-24 form.

The composer Jacques Claude Adolphe Miné (1795-1869) produced an enormous amount of service music in the first half of the 19th century in a style transitional between French classic and romantic and certainly appropriate for the Sint Paulus organ, whose stoplist allows all of its specified registrations to be realized.

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