Jelani Eddington Plays Leroy Anderson

Leroy Anderson, composer of timeless hits such as Sleigh Ride, Blue Tango, and The Syncopated Clock, specialized in distinctive and delightful instrumental music. The new CD Blue Tango and its companion disc Sleigh Ride contain 50 compositions and 2-1/2 hours of unforgettable Anderson favorites, two of which are unpublished organ works that have never before been recorded. Jelani Eddington plays the 5m, 80-rank Wurlitzer in the Sanfilippo residence, Barrington, Illinois, in the most comprehensive collection of Leroy Andersonís music ever recorded.

Jelani Eddington Plays Leroy Anderson, Vol. 1 "Blue Tango"
By special permission of the Anderson family, this volume features the world-premiere recording of Easter Song - a recently discovered unpublished and never-before-performed composition that Leroy Anderson wrote specifically for the organ.

Blue Tango
Clarinet Candy
The First Day of Spring
The Phantom Regiment
The Syncopated Clock
The Waltzing Cat
Medley from Goldilocks (The Pussy Foot
Lazy Moon
Town House Maxixe
Shall I Take My Heart and Go?
I Never Know When to Say When)
Pirate Dance
Pyramid Dance
The Golden Years
The Typewriter
A Trumpeterís Lullaby
Ticonderoga March
The Penny-Whistle Song
The Irish Suite (The Irish Washerwoman, The Minstrel Boy, The Rakes of Mallow, The Wearing of The Green, The Last Rose of Summer, The Girl I Left Behind Me)
The Captains and the Kings
Easter Song
Jelani Eddington Plays Leroy Anderson, Vol. 2 "Sleigh Ride"
This disc contains the world-premiere recording of the Cambridge Centennial March of Industry ó a recently discovered unpublished composition that Leroy Anderson wrote specifically for the organ.

Sleigh Ride
Belle of the Ball
Summer Skies
Buglerís Holiday
Jazz Pizzicato
Jazz Legato
The Scottish Suite (The Bluebells of Scotland, Turn Ye to Me)
Home Stretch
The Girl in Satin
Horse and Buggy
China Doll
Forgotten Dreams
The Song of the Bells
The Sandpaper Ballet
Plink, Plank, Plunk!
Cambridge Centennial March of Industry
Piano Concerto In C for piano and orchestra