Job for Organ
by Petr Eben

Job for Organ <br>by Petr Eben
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JOB for Organ The composer writes of his reasons for composing this 8-movement work, one hour in duration, “The Book of Job interested me for three reasons: firstly because of the social and theological revolution it represented in its time; until then every poor, sick or unfortunate being was regarded as forsaken and punished by God. Secondly, I was deeply impressed by the dramatic depth of this Book, which gives men once and for all the key to overcome a trial of faith. Finally, I find this book extremely topical. It answers one of the most difficult questions on life asked to this day: why do good people suffer misfortunes?” A narrator introduces each movement with a brief reading from the Book of Job. Thomás Thon plays a large 3m Rieger-Kloss organ.