Johannes Geffert at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp

Johannes Geffert at Sint Pauluskerk, Antwerp
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At 350 years old, the magnificent organ in Antwerp’s Sint Pauluskerk is replete with freshness, power and balanced brilliance. Changes over the centuries have left the organ’s character intact and it continues to flourish in the artistically rich atmosphere of an ancient church.

In addition to works of Leyding, J. S. Bach, Kuhnau, and Bruhns, Johannes Geffert plays selections from the collection of Johan de Gruijtters, an 18th-century carilloneur who gathered a series of pieces for his instrument which could also be played on organs, harpsichords, etc. In addition to its musical merits, the collection gives a view of tastes in music for the home, church and bell towers of Antwerp.

OHS members will recall the Kuhnau “David and Goliath” sonata from its noted convention performance on the Brattle organ.

This recording received 5 Stars (out of 5) in the May/June 2010 issue of Choir and Organ.

LEYDING: Preludium
J. S. BACH: Partita on O Gott du frommer Gott
Collection of Johan de Gruijtters: Ceciliana, Het Carillion Van Duijnkerke, Sonata, Marche, Tantum Ergo, Maria Schoon in Sexti toni, Allegro, La bergeri, Andante in G
KUHNAU: Suonata prima “The Battle Between David and Goliath”
BRUHNS: Praeludium