Klaas Jan Mulder: St. Ouen, Rouen

Klaas Jan Mulder: St. Ouen, Rouen
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Organist Klaas Jan Mulder, who is considered a true romantic, finds himself quite at home playing a program of nineteenth century works (mostly from French composers) on the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ at St. Ouen in Rouen, France. Also includes an improvisation.

Piet Warnaar hails in the CD booklet that the improvisation "became a fantasy on a free theme, a dream meditation inspired by Cavaillé Coll's string stops. The listener is transported to another world, a whole world of experiences beyond the horizon of fear and worry, rousing thoughts of eternal value, unfathomable."

Henry Mulet
Esquisse byzantine Tu es Petra (Toccata)

Joseph Jongen
Sonata Eroïca, opus 44

César Franck
Grande Pièce symphonique, opus 17
Andantino serioso - Allegro non troppo e maestoso
Andante - Allegro - Andante

Léon Boéllmann

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Sonata V
Andante (Choral)
Andante con moto
Allegro maestos

Klaas Jan Mulder
Méditation à l'improviste