The Legendary Piet van Egmond: Grote Kerk, Dordrecht

The Legendary Piet van Egmond: Grote Kerk, Dordrecht
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Piet van Egmond plays Romantic works on the Kam Organ at the Grote Kerk, Dordrecht. The instrument was originally built in 1670 by Nicolaes van Haeghen (Antwerp), and was completed in 1678 by Carel Jacob Pellereyn (Dordrecht). It was restored extensively by Willem Hendrik Kam in 1855, and one stop replaced in 1925. It was restored again in 1935 to its state at the time of this recording.

Marche Solennelle by Alphonse Mailly

Rhapsodie sur des Cantiques Bretons, opus 7 nr. 1 by Camille Saint-Saëns

Sonate No. 7 f-moll by Josef Rheinberger
Allegro non troppo

Twee koraalvoorspelen, opus 122 by Johannes Brahms
O Welt, ich muss dich lassen
O Got, du frommer Gott

Melodia, opus 59 nr. 11 by Max Reger

Fantasie over het koraal by Cor Kint
'Een vaste Burg is onze God'

Improvisatie over het thema 'Ode an der Freude'
(Improvisation on the theme 'Ode to Joy')
by Piet van Egmund
uit Beethovens negende symfonie
(from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony)