Mendelssohn Complete Organ Sonatas

Mendelssohn Complete Organ Sonatas
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William Whitehead performs all six of Mendelssohn's Organ Sonatas on the Ballroom Organ at Buckingham Palace, offering an oft overlooked perspective of performing Mendelssohn's music. Mendelssohn concertized throughout England, and visited with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on numerous occasions. Although Prince Albert (an organist himself) had the 1825 Lincoln organ moved to Buckingham Palace just three years too late for Mendelssohn to play it, John L. Speller of The Diapason "[recommends] this recording as a first-rate example of how Mendelssohn's organ sonatas might have been played in Britain in the middle of the nineteenth century."*

Organ Sonata No. 1 (F Minor)
Allegro moderato e serioso
Andante recitando-
Allegro assai vivace

Organ Sonata No. 2 (C Minor)
Allegro maestoso e vivace
Fuga. Allegro moderato

Organ Sonata No. 3 (A Major)
Con moto maestoso
Andante tranquillo

Organ Sonata No. 4 (B flat Major)
Allegro con brio
Andante religioso
Allegro maestoso e vivace

Organ Sonata No. 5 (D Major)
Andante con moto-
Allegro maestoso

Organ Sonata No. 6 (D Minor)
Chorale - Andante Sostenuto - Allegro molto
Fuga. Sostenuto e legato
Finale. Andante

*The Diapason, April 2010, page 18