Mendelssohn Organ Works, Vol. 1

Item# BA8196

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Prelude in d; Andante in D; Ostinato in c; Fantasia and Fugue in g; Chorale with Variations Wie groß ist des Allmächtigen Güte, Nachspiel in D; Three Preludes and Fugues in c, G, d, op. 37; Fugue in e; Fugue in f; Chorale and Variation Herzlich tut mich verlangen; Prelude in c; Trio in F; Chorale in A-flat; Chorale in D; Theme with Variations in D; Allegro in d; Allegro in D; Andante alla Marcia in B; Fugue in B; Allegro moderato maestoso in C. Anhang: Prelude in d (Fragment); Alternate to the Prelude in d; Andante in D and one Variation (fragment); Fugue in f (revised)