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Creative Hymn Playing by Michael Burkhardt
This guide to creative hymn-playing by internationally known organist and composer Michael Burkhardt will inspire great hymn interpretation and accompanying.
Improvising in Traditional 17th- and 18th-Century Harmonic Style by John R. Shannon
Intended to be an introduction to improvisation in the late Baroque style, this two-volume publication is meant to introduce the student to the basic harmonic vocabulary of the Baroque period.
Breaking Free by Jeffrey Brillhart
Finding a personal language for Organ Improvisation through 20th-century French improvisation techniques.

This new instruction book from Jeffrey Brillhart explores the art of improvisation referencing the styles of Tournemire, Vierne, Messiaen, Cochereau, Debussy, and Ravel. An intriguing read for all levels of performers- whether you are a seasoned performer or are just beginning to uncover the discipline of improvisation you are sure to find this book helpful!
Wayne Leupold (ed.): First Organ Book
For a First Encounter with the Organ! Revised and enlarged, now with 192 pages. Concise and entirely accessible, this excellent book presents an introduction to the organ, a beginning organ method, and a collection of easy organ music. Designed as a primary teaching resource for the AGO Pipe Organ Encounters, the compositions enable the keyboardist with minimal technique to sound well immediately, after three years of traditional piano study. 192 pages, softbound,
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Roger E. Davis: The Organist’s Manual
Scholarly and user-friendly, this method has much to offer the beginner and the experienced professional.
Harmonizing: A Method to Encourage the Art of Improvising<br>by Sietze deVries
A useful guide to harmonizing and improvising. Includes basic theory while gradually moving toward improvising in all keys; major, minor, and even church modes! Published by Boeijenga Music Publications.
Marcel Dupré: Complete Course in Organ Improvisation, Volume 1
The first of two volumes of Marcel Dupré's treatise on improvisation, as originally published by Editions Leduc. Translated into English by Alain Hobbs. Includes 12 lessons to lay the foundation for improvising. 62 pages, paperback.
Marcel Dupré: Complete Course in Organ Improvisation, Volume 2
The second volume in the Master Improvisateur and Pedagogue's treatise on organ improvisation. Originally published in 1925 by Alphonse Leduc Editions. Translated into English by John Fenstermaker. 148 pages, paperback.
The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume One by Jelani Eddington
Jelani begins a series of theatre organ arrangements!
The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume Two by Jelani Eddington
NOW A SECOND VOLUME! The Art of Theatre Organ Arranging, Volume Two by Jelani Eddington contains further instruction and five new arrangements.
Off the Page by Donald Rotermund
Tips & Techniques for Creating Hymn-based Organ Settings
A guide to extemporizing chorale preludes from your hymnal written in layman's terms.
Off the Page, Too by Donald Rotermund
NEW! This new edition continues where the first book leaves off in teaching techniques necessary to create a variety of pleasant settings based on the notes of the hymnal harmonizations. The hymnal serves as the basic printed resource for taking something "off the page." Each self-directed chapter treats a different technique, and it's not necessary to work through the chapters in order. One may also use contrasting techniques to develop longer settings. Volume 2 includes more advanced concepts, such as "Modifying Inner Voices," "Changing Tonality," and "Ornamenting Melodies."
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On or Off the Page- Donald Rotermund
Organ Technique
by Jacques van Oortmerssen This book provides study material, in English, for the development of a thorough and reliable organ technique based on historical principles and tradition, toward the development of expressiveness and stylistic differentiation. ....intended for those with a relatively advanced keyboard tecnique.
John Stainer: Complete Organ Method: A Classic Text on Organ Technique
John Brock: Introduction to Organ Playing in the 17th and 18th Century Style
Richard Enright: Fundamentals of Organ Playing
An method for the pianist seeking to learn about the organ and its music. Both legato and articulate touches are covered, as well as Pedal technique and hymn playing. Exercises feature works that may be used in practical situations, including many hymn tunes. 93 pages with spiral binding to lay flat on the music rack.
Joyce Jones: King of Instruments: A Short Method
This 72-page, short, easy organ method for pianists "will get them playing as rapidly as possible." Study pieces can be used in church, and hymn playing is emphasized.
George Ritchie & George Stauffer: Organ Technique: Modern & Early
This method combines 19th-century legato technique and early, articulated technique. A substantial section relates organ design to music composed for it, ornamentation, late 20th-century music, accompaniment and service playing. 382 pages, spiralbound
Robert Lau: A Practical Approach to Improv for the Church Organist
Most organists are reluctant to attempt improvisation because they seem convinced that it must be elaborate and complex. In the hands of masters of the art this may be true; simple improvisation, however, can be within the grasp of most organists. When learned, this skill can be of great use, and it is especially effective as a tool to enhance worship. These lessons make this material as practical as possible, allowing the organist to make direct and immediate application of the art of improvisation to the playing of the church service itself.
Gerre Hancock: Improvising, How to Master the Art
Described by author Gerre Hancock as “an informal workbook, a compendium of very basic ideas that will point the musician in the proper direction on the road to improvisation,” this book treats forms from the scale and hymns to the sonata, canon, trio and fugue, among others. 163 pages, softbound.
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Jan Overduin: Improvisation for Organists
These simple but satisfying, loosely-graded, exercises are aimed at bolstering self-confidence and enable the student to improvise from the start.
First Improvisation Book by John R. Shannon
James Engel: An Introduction to Organ Registration
The author builds a foundation for understanding the classification of organ stops both by pitch (16', 8', 4', etc.) and by timbre (principal, flute, string, reed, etc.), and their practical use. Click for more information.
Flor Peeters: Little Organ Book
Julius Schneider: Complete Pedal Studies, op. 48 & 67
Bach Tempo Guide - With 200 Practical Exercises
by Clemens von Gleich & Johnann Sonnleitner From J. S. Bach’s complete instrumental and vocal works, the authors have selected some 200 practical examples which are presented as exercises for students, professionals, and amateurs. Clear explanations and discussions are written engagingly in English. The book also contains a CD of Jacques van Oortmerssen playing works of Bach on several famous historic organs. 176 pages softbound
David M. Cherwien: Let the People Sing!
Useful to the most and least experienced church organists and everybody in-between, this practical manual is an extended masterclass in leading congregational singing from the keyboard. Click for more information.
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 3 Late-Medieval Before 1460
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 4 England (1660-1730)
Histoircal Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 5 England  (1660-1730)
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 6 Italy (1550-1650)
Calvert Johnson, editor. An historical survey of organ performance practices and repertoire. 128 pages, illustrated, softbound. Click for more information
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 7 England (1550-1660)
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 8 Italy 1725-1830
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 9 Rennaissance 1500-1550
Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire: Vol. 10 Italy 1650-1725
Edited by Calvert Johnson
Richard Hudson: Vol. 2 Trios for Organ