Mozart on Italian Organs

Mozart on Italian Organs
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Liuwe Tamminga performs on organs in Bologna and Verona played upon or heard by Wolfgang Mozart when he traveled in Italy at age 14 in 1769-1771. The pieces used are little-known compositions and several of Mozart’s sketches completed by other musicians and present a fascinating aural tour of Italian sounds.

The organs are by Giuseppe Bonatti (1716) in San Tomaso Cantuariense, Verona; Petronio Giovagnoni (1759-62) in San Domenico, Bologna; Lorenzo da Prato (1471-75) in the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna. Tamminga is joined by Luigi Mangiocavallo in the Bolognese basilica playing an organ by Baldassarre Malamini (1596) for several pieces on two organs.

The CD booklet contains specifications for each of the organs and also a lengthy essay regarding Mozart’s first trip through Italy.

Verona, San Tomaso Cantuariense
Molto allegro KV 72a (Fragment completed by André Isoir); Eine kleine Gigue KV 574; Adagio in h KV deest (Fragment completed by A. Isoir); Fuga a 3 KV 153 (375e) (Fragment completed by Simon Sechter); Piece from the London Sketchbook KV 15gg; Piece from the London Sketchbook KV 15r Thema KV Anh 38 (Variations by Wim ten Have); Klavierstück KV 33b; Adagio in d KV Anh 34 (385h) (Fragment completed by A.Isoir); Kontretanz "Das Donnerwetter" KV 534; Adagio in d KV 593 (Anh. 35) (Fragment completed by A. Isoir); Marsch KV 408/1; Tema con variazioni (From the quartetto con faluto KV 285b and Seranata KV 361

Bologna, San Domenico
Pieces from the London Sketchbook KV 15a,KV 15h, KV 15b; Adagio for Harmonika KV 356 (617a); Menuett KV 94 (73h); Seven variations on the Dutch song Willem van Nassau KV 25

Bologna, San Petronio
Quaerite primum regnum Dei KV 86 (73v); Quaerite primum regnum Dei (G.B. Marini revised version); Contrapunto a 4 KV 620b (Fragment completed by S. Sechter); Ach Gott vom Himmel sieh darein (J.S. Bach BWV 153); Contrapunto a 4 KV 620b (Fragment completed by Christoph Albrecht); Gesang der Geharnischten from "Die Zauberflöte" KV 620; Allegro molto from Sonata in D major KV 381(123a); Marche funebre del Sigr Maestro Contrapunto KV 453a; Canon "Lieber Freistadtler, lieber Gaulimauli KV 232