Music for Exultation and Reflection

Music for Exultation and Reflection
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This collection features 22 pieces by 18 distinguished composers from across the decades as selected by Carson Cooman. Useful for postludes, offertories, and preludes and both service and recital use. The pieces range stylistically from rich romantic language to contemporary sound. Edited for ease of performance on today's organs.


Cortθge de Triomphe – Roger C. Wilson (1912-1988)
Intermezzo – James Mansfield (b. 1927)
And the Morning Stars Sang Together – Douglas W. Wagner (b. 1952)
Blessing and Honor – Carl Simone (1918-2003)
Intonation – Fred B. Binckes (b. 1936)
Finale – Robert J. Powell (b. 1932)
Recitative and Chorale – Walker Baylor (1891-1975)
Processional in B-flat – Anthony Giamanco (b. 1958)
Serenity – Roger C. Wilson (1912-1988)
Alleluia Toccata – Fenton Groden (b. 1982)
Recessional in a Gregorian Mode – Henry Kihlken (b. 1939)
Song of Triumph – George Blake (1912-1986)
Short Fantasy in A minor – Walker Baylor (1891-1975)
Blessed Are They – Richard A. Williamson (b. 1962)
Trumpet Rondo – Fenton Groden (b. 1982)
Festival of Praise – Robert J. Hughes (1916-1999)
Be Strong in the Lord – Robert J. Powell (b. 1932)
Postlude for a Festive Occasion – Robert A. Roesch (1943-2009)
Celebration in D – Stephen L. Aber (b. 1988)
Afterlight – Matthew McConnell (b. 1980)
Recitative – Kevin Norris (1939-1991)
Chapel Windows – Gregg Sewell (b. 1953)

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

64 pages, spiral bound

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