The Music of Dan Locklair

The Music of Dan Locklair
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Organist Marilyn Keiser plays the 2007 Casavant Frčres organ at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. Keiser performs some of the most popular and important organ music of Dan Locklair, whose compositions have been featured at Presidential Inaugurations and funerals, and have garnered him ASCAP awards consistently since 1981.

Rubrics: A Liturgical Suite for Organ (1988)
"[The ancient praise-shout,] 'Hallelujah,' has been restored..."
"Silence may be kept"
"...and thanksgivings may follow."
The Peace may be exchanged."
"The people respond - Amen!"

Salem Sonata (2003)
" thee our cordial thankfulness..."
"Hallowed be thy name..."
"...We owe Thee thankfulness and praise..."
"...Let His work your pleasure be..."

PHOENIX Processional (Solo organ version) (1996)
(from PHOENIX Fanfare and Processional) (1979/85)

Celebration (Variations for Organ) (2003)

The Ćolian Sonata (2002)
Aus tiefer not (Out of the Depthis I Cry to Thee)
Shalom (Peace)
Laudate Dominum (O Praise the Lord)

In Mystery and Wonder (The Casavant Diptych) (2004)
Aria ("God moves in a mysterious way...")
Toccata ("...His wonders to perform...")