Music from the Dresden Court Chapel: Sebastian Knebel at Coswig


In the 1497 “Old Church” in the city of Coswig, Germany, Kristian Wegscheider has restored an organ of an unknown builder most likely dating to the end of the 17th century, but certainly in its present location since 1735. The 1998 restoration of the organ and its carved and painted case presents an example of an organ typical of a Saxon village church of its era. Sebastian Knebel plays music of the 17th century on the Coswig organ and also the harpsichord, revisiting sounds familiar to Lutheran musicians of the Dresden court.

HASSLER: Toccata e Fuga noni toni, Canzon
MICHAEL: Praeludium à 4 in MI, Toccata à 4 in La Minore
Scheidt: Magnificat 4. toni [with Britta Schwarz, alto]
ERBACH: Canzon à 4 del quarto tono, Canzon in C
FROBERGER: Toccata XV in g*, Affligée et Tombeau*, Fantasia VII
WECKMANN: Partita in d: Allemand*, Courant, Sarabanda, Gigue*; Fantasia ex d; Toccata in d*
KLEMM: Fuga XXII. À 3, Decimi Toni
PRAETORIUS: Magnificat germanice
SCHEIDEMANN: Jesu, wollst uns weisen, Praeambulum in G

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